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IQ vs. EQ - which is more important in career success

Emotional intelligence and career success

Work is stressful and mainly requires juggling. An emotional intelligence skill is key to manage that complexity. Research shows that individuals with higher emotional intelligence earn higher evaluations from their supervisors and are overall more successful. The skills of emotional intelligence are learnable which means if students of the best Campus Placement college in Jaipur want to increase their human capital, they can do so.

It is believed that high intelligence quotient (IQ) people always succeed in their careers. However, only high IQ does not guarantee career success. A lot of researches indicates that leaders and top performers usually have high emotional quotient (EQ).

Differences between IQ and EQ

High intelligent people are smart people, and they will be successful for sure. Students of B Tech Colleges have the ability to process information more quickly and do complex tasks more easily. Thus, they expect other people to perform at the same level as them instead of understanding the differences.

On the other hand, emotional quotient (EQ) or emotional intelligence is totally different from intelligence quotient (IQ). EQ can be defined as the ability or competence to recognize, understand, process and manage emotions in the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. High EQ people are very aware of their own emotions and how their emotions affect other people to adjust it in a positive way. Besides, they can pick up other people's emotions to react properly and improve relationships.

The links among IQ, EQ and career success

Nobody can deny from the fact that high IQ people handle their work more easily than others. But when it comes to teamwork, students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur often failed without EQ. Unfortunately, there are no direct links between IQ and EQ. In other words, high IQ does not guarantee high EQ, which becomes the headache issue of employers to manage talented but difficult employees.

Both IQ and EQ are crucial factors of success in career. IQ reflects by hard skills which students of Best Engineering Colleges can learn, define and measure easily like mathematics, reading, writing, accounting, legal, etc. On the other hand, EQ represented by such personal-driven soft skills as empathy, communication, leadership, etiquette, etc.

IQ and EQ in Leadership

What comes to your mind when you think of a good leader? A good leader must be trusted by employees, recognize their needs and understand the psychological impact on employees. It will encourage and manage the whole team well. In addition, a good leader must have a high EQ.

HR Practice

In recent years, there is a huge shift from aptitude to an attitude in recruiting employees. HR professionals look for candidates from Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Jaipur who can fit with the corporate culture and work well with other people. A recent study found that emotional intelligence decides 58% of success in all types of jobs. Also, 90% of top performers in the study are high emotional intelligence.

The lack of empathy, motivation, cooperation, and communication among employees in a team and across the organization will damage employees’ morale. As a result, the company will suffer the loss in not only finance but also talent. The key solution here is to develop the leadership skills of leaders in all levels of hierarchy in the organization and create a happy corporate culture to make employees feel recognized and engaged.

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