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Arya College Cousellor Arun Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

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Arun College Cousellor Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya


To groom the youth of the nation into complete future technocrats entrepreneur by promoting academic excellence in the area of management education & creating learning environment that encompasses diverse cultures & foster holistic growth.


Foster on all encompassing global new era commitment to advanced standard of academic excellence with emphasis student centric learning that promotes critical thinking to fulfill the culture and economic requirements of the society

Program Educational Objective (PEOs)

PEO1: Graduates will be able to successfully integrate core, cross-functional and inter-disciplinary aspects of management theories, models and frameworks with the real-world practices and the sector specific nuances to provide solutions to real world business, policy and social issues in a dynamic and complex world.

PEO2: Graduates of the program will possess excellent communication skills, excel in multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams, and have an appreciation for local, domestic and global contexts so as to manage continuity, change, risk, ambiguity and complexity.

PEO3: Impart the appreciative of the significance of Indian ethos and values in managerial decision making and exhibit value centered leadership.

PEO4: Graduates of the program will be ready to engage in successful career pursuits covering a broad spectrum of areas in corporate, non-profit organizations, public policy, entrepreneurial ventures and engage in life-long learning.

PEO5: Graduates will be capable of recognizing their chosen fields for their managerial competence, creativity & innovation, integrity & sensitivity to local and global issues of social relevance and earn the trust & respect of others as inspiring, effective and ethical leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and change agents.

Program outcomes (POs)

PO1: Business Environment and Domain Knowledge (BEDK): Economic, legal and social environment of Indian business. Graduates are able to improve their awareness sand knowledge about functioning of local and global business environment and society. This helps in recognizing the functioning of businesses, identifying potential business opportunities, evolvement of business enterprises and exploring the entrepreneurial opportunities.

PO2: Critical thinking, Business Analysis, Problem Solving and Innovative Solutions (CBPI): Competencies in quantitative and qualitative techniques. Graduates are expected to develop skills on analyzing the business data, application of relevant analysis, and problem solving in other functional areas such as marketing, business strategy and human resources.

PO4: Social Responsiveness and Ethics (SRE): Developing responsiveness to contextual social issues / problems and exploring solutions, understanding business ethics and resolving ethical dilemmas. Graduates are expected to identify the contemporary social problems, exploring the opportunities for social entrepreneurship, designing business solutions and demonstrate ethical standards in organizational decision making. Demonstrate awareness of ethical issues and can distinguish ethical and unethical behaviors.

PO5: Effective Communication (EC): Usage of various forms of business communication, supported by effective use of appropriate technology, logical reasoning, articulation of ideas. Graduates are expected to develop effective oral and written communication especially in business applications, with the use of appropriate technology (business presentations, digital communication, social network platforms and so on).

PO6: Leadership and Teamwork (LT): Understanding leadership roles at various levels of the organization and leading teams. Graduates are expected to collaborate and lead teams across organizational boundaries and demonstrate leadership qualities, maximize the usage of diverse skills of team members in the related context.

PO7: Entrepreneurship (LS) – Ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and leverage managerial & leadership skills for founding, leading & managing startups as well as professionalizing and growing.

PO8: Life-long learning (LLL): Recognize the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Program Specific outcomes (PSO)

PSO1: Equips graduates with essential business leadership, problem-solving, and innovative skills, fostering entrepreneurship and ethical practices. Develops expertise in diverse HR functions including compensation, performance appraisal, selection processes, and organizational development, enabling effective management in real-world business scenarios for global impact.

PSO2: Graduate will Fosters practical application of knowledge in Accounting standards, financial analysis, and costing techniques for informed decision-making. Cultivates a tech-driven mindset to innovate scalable IT solutions by integrating IOT, Cloud, and Analytics to address real-world challenges in government and industries.

PSO3: graduate will cultivate a skilled data scientist through comprehensive education in statistics, mathematics, and computer science, equipping them to utilize analysis tools, solve real-world problems, contribute to open-source projects, and excel in communication while staying attuned to industry trends.

PSO4: Graduate will enrich proficient professional managers through practical management concept applications, fostering innovation, executing challenges in demanding circumstances, creating synergies amidst diverse variables, continuous.

HOD Desk

Dr. Gurpreet Kaur

The department currently runs AICTE approved full-time MBA program of two years affiliated to RTU Kota. The department provides a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge that match well with the short term & long term requirements of the industry.

The department has experienced and young full-time core Faculty in all functional areas of management, who are engaged in teaching, research and outreach activities.

The department has a strong system which aims to develop managers and entrepreneurs who contribute to the nation’s agenda of growth and adjure respect in society. Our department provides excellent environment to the students to hone up various management skills and has a continuous process of interaction with corporate, industry leaders through workshops, seminars, lectures and other Co-curricular events. The department has been able to attract leading firms in large number to take part in the campus recruitment. Today, our alumni serve at the different leadership and managerial positions in the various private and public sector companies.