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Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

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Arun College Cousellor Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Ankita Kamalia, ECE 2013 Batch

flight lieutenant

Arya College of Engineering and IT is the best engineering college across India and is known for its excellence. It has all the best facilities under one roof – state of infrastructure, erudite faculty, professional teachers, well-stocked libraries, good computer labs, sports area, and studios with all requirements. I am very grateful to be a part of this university.

Hitesh Gaba, CS 2013 Batch

Senior Software Engineer Bangalore

Arya College is an institution that brings together cultures from all around the world. Coming together from different origins and learning is an extraordinary opportunity that is possible only in Arya. Arya’s style is unique giving you all the tools to become a successful individual both on professional as well as personal front. The professors are as international as the students and each has their own method of projecting knowledge. The practical approach of the courses, the professional experience of professors in their areas of teaching, the friendliness, the atmosphere, and the international aspect along with links that were created made my university studies at Arya College Jaipur memorable.

Madhumita Sharma , CS 2014 Batch

Technical Solutions Engineer Switzerland

Right from the time I started researching colleges across the country during my high school studies, Arya College was among those I was targeting. The key points of Arya that caught my attention were its reputation, position among the top Universities in the country and past experiences of some of my acquaintances who are its ex-students. It may not have been the first Institute I was wishing to attend, but after my journey with this university, I am proud to be a member of it.

PRAJIL S VADIWALA , Auto 2012 Batch

Service Engineer Surat

Arya College of Engineering and IT offers a blend of learning, amusement and integration of enduring principles. As a computer engineering student it provides a wide arena of the field and thus I get to learn something new with every subject. The entire study environment makes it easy for a student to learn and inculcate the spirit to stand out amongst the talented and hard-working students. What amazes me is the plethora of extracurricular activities that the Institute offers hence compelling every student to explore and pursue his/her extra talents.

NITESH KUMAR BHAT, Auto 2012 Batch

Service Engineer Jaipur

The Institute manages both the areas extremely well and a student always finds himself in a pool of never-ending opportunities, be it technical or non-technical. Another feather in the cap is the professors that impart quality education to its students. Never can a student find himself lost in a concept and professors not being able to rescue him! The Institute’s library serves as the ultimate answer to all our queries in terms of no of books, papers, periodicals and helping staff. The infrastructure of the university speaks for itself.

Devesh Rajput , Auto 2012 Batch

Sr. Executive Claims Analyst Mumbai

Studying at Arya College Jaipur has been one of the best decisions I have made. It has been unforgettable. I am growing up as an individual as well as learning to interact and talk to people from different backgrounds. I enjoy the caring and friendly environment, great facilities, and the variety of services offered. The standards are very high, which always makes me feel well supported.

Shreya Dubey, EE 2012 Batch

Business Consultant Delhi

My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the Training & Placement Department and all staffs of Arya College of Engineering and IT for their efforts in imparting quality technical and aptitude training. I am very grateful to them for effectively and sincerely helping me to grab the first-ever opportunity that came into my life.


Assistant Engineer Jaipur

I am very glad to share a positive journey of M – Tech at Arya College of Engineering and IT. Here the atmosphere is full of motivation and innovation. All the faculties are enthusiastic and always ready to help. Because of blessings of parents and support of CDC & Training and Placement Cell I got an opportunity to apply and got selected in MNC very early.


Functional Consultant Bangalore

Studying information technology in Arya College Jaipur has widened my perspective and has given me an idea of the importance of technology in today’s day and age. The faculties and staff are very helpful and are always present to clear our doubts and to lead us on the right path. Having studied here for nearly 3 years, my interest in the subject has deepened.


Quality Analyst Boston

Arya College Jaipur is a place where your voice is heard and your opinion counts. My knowledge and confidence have been boosted after coming here. As a result, now my confidence is such, that I can get placed in any company. Today I have been placed in an MNC for Power and the credit goes to focused training given by faculties & T&P officers.


Senior Software Engineer Delhi

Arya College Jaipur proved to be a pool of opportunities for me. It not just provides us with various platforms to showcase our abilities and skill but also helps us to learn all soft skills that are highly required. We get training on interview skills, communication skills, life skills, and effective time management many more. I wholeheartedly thank Training & Placement Cell for the constant support.

Ankita Gupta , CS 2012 Batch

Assistant Manager Operations Chennai

The discussion during classes would broaden your scope but they take you out of your comfort zone – giving you both a very rich and intense experience. You are always confronted with a wide number of viewpoints and approaches. Everything is in a real-world context with a local perspective on Asia, making it immediately relevant to my daily tasks at work.

Abhishek Jain , CS 2012 Batch

ServiceNow Technical Consultant Bangalore

It has been very enriching to be part of Arya College Jaipur excellent pedagogy in integrating academia with real-life business challenges driving global-to-local application outlook and insights. The wisdom and passion of the professors, their engagement of multiple industry practitioners for us to work on real business issues and cases, and the structure of every course challenges us to be evaluative and impactful practitioners and to be active thinkers, movers, and shakers in organizational leadership roles.


Custom Inspector Mumbai

What really stands out about Arya College Jaipur postgraduate career services is that there are dedicated career advisers who make every effort to coach and guide students individually regarding career matters, regardless of the programme they are in.


MBA Student Ranchi

I can positively say Arya College Jaipur has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive.


Engineer Gujrat

I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at Arya 1st Old Campus, and not at any other private or public colleges. The thing I admire the most about Arya College is the support I received from everyone at the college. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that caring environment.


Manager- Analytics Gurgaon

I like the friendly atmosphere here and the fact the teachers are really close to the students. We are very supported in our studies. Some of the teachers are really kind and their way of teaching is really interesting. They are also very motivational. We are enthused by the classes. My grades have gone up a lot as the classes are smaller here, so the teacher has more time to focus on each student.

Anoop Samar, IT 2007 Batch

Sr Software Engineer Bengaluru

It has been a matter of pride for me to be a part of Arya College of Engineering and IT. Training and Placement cell has been continuously providing assistance regarding the placements. Because of their effort only I have been selected in an MC with a handsome package. I am very thankful to them for giving me the golden chance to start my career with such a nice company.

Tarun Garg , Auto 2010 Batch

Manager Delhi

Being from a different state, learning about other cultures was always important to me. Arya College of Engineering and IT is a very multi-cultural place, and that’s why I chose to study there. Flexible start dates were also a great advantage. By joining the extra-curricular activities, I was able to develop my self-confidence and make new friends.

Aman Sanjeti , CS 2010 Batch

Bellevue Washington

Here I came as a schoolboy and now graduating as a corporate man. Here, I not only developed my academic skills but also got a global exposure in every field be it sports or others. At last, I would like to thank all the faculty members for being supportive and helping me in taking off my career to a good start.

Ankita gupta, CS 2007 Batch

Sr Software Engineer Bengaluru

Launching your career with an esteemed firm like Amara Raja Batteries wasn’t short of a dream come true and I would really like to dedicate a great part of my success to the college. Arya being a global college not only provides you some of the finest education across the globe but also foster you to evolve as a true professional. It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to be associated with a college of such stature.

Rahul Batra , EE 2007 Batch

Senior Subject Matter Expert(Ssme) Pune

I believe that there exist determination and moral support to achieve an initial step of something best in life. The former part is within ourselves and for the latter, there are the people who provide us with utmost help for which, I would like to thank the Training & Placement Department, Arya College. The culture, values and the morale that the college provided for the complete development of my work-life balance are undeniable.

Nitesh Khanna , IT 2007 Batch

Assistant Vice President – Test Lead Germany

When I first entered Arya College I was anxious about my future. Over the four years, so many doors were opened for our personal and academic development that I became confident. The college aims at enhancing our knowledge, skills, and abilities. It, in fact, didn’t leave the attitude part behind as well.

Shipra Singh, IT 2007 Batch

Senior Database Administrator Hyderabad

These years at Arya 1st Old Campus are the best years concerning learning, experience and gaining exposure to fields relevant to my discipline, all due to my faculty members. So many deserving students of our batch have been placed thanks to them and the Training & Placement Department.

Narendra Goyal , ECE 2007 Batch

SAP CAM Consultant Singapore

Getting placed in a top IT company has always been my goal and Arya College of Engineering and IT helped me realize this dream of mine. Thanks to the Training and Placement cell without whose help this would not have been possible. Lastly, I would like to say that the environment, the infrastructure and the syllabi provided by Arya College has been excellent, by giving presentations and projects they have not just improved my domain knowledge but also my confidence and communication skills, which are very important skills required for a successful professional career.

Bhavesh Goyal, IT 2007 Batch

Manager New Jersey

For Arya College of Engineering and IT, “The world is here, where are you” is not just a slogan but I lived it in reality. Arya is a beautiful and historic place where people from different nationalities meet together to share one common goal, EDUCATION.

Amit Panchal . , ECE 2007 Batch

System Analyst Singapore

I spent four years studying at Arya and this was an absolutely unforgettable period in my life. Arya is not only professional in teaching international students, but the school is also good at taking care of students. I had a very good learning experience with the marvelous efforts of all the teachers. They taught me not only to learn but to explore too.

Gaurav Kumawat , CS 2007 Batch

Sap Architect Hungary

Think Different’, that is one thing that Arya College urges in and to far extent succeed in teaching to its students which invariably helps to achieve what you need. It nourished me and thus gave me an opportunity to define me.

Nivedita Choudhary, EE 2006 Batch

Squadron leader

I had the opportunity to meet with the dynamic and distinguished faculties, who are enthusiastic, friendly patient and highly qualified. With their guidance and constant mentoring, I have been able to become a true professional in all the facets of life. Thanks to guidance provided by the Training & Placement Department, without their help.

Gaurav Sharma , EE 2006 Batch

Assistant Manager Agra

I have received a lot from Arya 1st Old Campus; it has provided me a platform from where I am able to make my standing in the corporate world. Arya campus acted as a source of motivation for me, it has world-class campus consisting of all necessary amenities which are useful for my overall development.

Deepak Khabya , EE 2006 Batch

Sr Engineer Nagaur

Arya College of Engineering and IT has helped me a lot in getting the first and the most important job profile of my life. I am placed in the best company much before completing my studies. The most important thing for us is that we are well prepared and know how to deal with most difficulties that will come along in our professional careers. I am really pleased and proud to be part of Arya College.

Ankesh Dhoot , IT 2006 Batch

Manager Singanore

Our college has provided us a very enhanced and efficient platform for the exposure to the training and placement. I am very grateful to the college for providing us the best of placement opportunities and finally, I got placed in Fiserv India, one of the Fortune-500 companies.

Amit Sharma, IT 2006 Batch

Lead Engineer Bangalore

A better human being, a better developer and a dream to achieve something big is all, I hoped for when I joined Arya College of Engineering and IT. I am delighted to say that the faculties and the staff has helped me to achieve these dreams. Here, I not only had the chance to develop on my technical skills but also on other aspects such as Leadership & Management skills.

Banasar Choudhary, CS 2006 Batch

Lead Software Engineer Bangalore

The MBA program at Arya College of Engineering and IT has helped me to deepen and broaden my leadership skills and focus on the holistic picture. In addition to learning new concepts, theories, and skills, I have learned a tremendous amount about myself.

Parikshit Sharma, CS 2006 Batch

Manager Jaipur

I would not have been placed in the best company if my college has not supported me. I have emerged as a new individual. All Thanks to my “Arya College of Engineering and IT”. The faculties always inspired me to go above and beyond my capabilities. I am grateful to my faculties and the staffs of Arya College for helping me achieve what I dreamt of.

Banasar Choudhary, CS 2006 Batch

Team Leader Australia

The learning experience in Arya College of Engineering not only involved academics and practical studio sessions but also off-campus activities like industrial visits and day excursions, which helped in gaining a lot of exposure. Moreover, the fellow classmates hailed from various parts of this world, provided a lot of exposure in understanding various cultures, which I believe, in a long run would be beneficial in the field of engineering and technology.

Parag Trivedi , ECE 2006 batch

Sr. Test Analyst Gurgaon

I am able to take these learnings and apply not just to my professional career but to improving every facet of my life. The program has pushed me to believe in myself. I walked into my current role with a new attitude, new approach and new information thereby benefiting my employer and equally my clients.

Anupam Jain , ECE 2006 Batch

Software Engineer Melbourne Australia

The experience at Arya was enriching in terms of technical skills and research training. Since my course was very much research-driven, I have learned a lot of basics of research and development with the help of distinguishing faculties like R&D facility at Arya College.

Manish Kashyap, CS 2005 Batch

Principal Engineer Mumbai

I would say Arya College of Engineering and IT has taught me a lot of technical skills and great references to get me into the prestigious college, from which I shaped my career as per my interest. Arya College proved to be a very well executed precursor in my career growth.

Leelaram Yadav, CS 2005 Batch

Manager Mumbai

Studying at Arya College of Engineering and IT is an all-around experience. Many times you need an environment to introspect and reflect on your own strengths and capabilities so that you align yourself with your interests, build on your abilities and internalize forward-looking concepts.

Aditi Gupta, ECE 2005 Batch

Vice President USA

Arya College provides healthy and studies environment in a short period of time with a well-structured program, pedagogy, diverse culture & team of classmates bringing rich experience from varied fields.

Prashant Gupta, CS-2011 Hons Batch

Pre Sales consultant MBA- Christ University T.C.S., SAP Pre Sales consultant in Materials Management, Mumbai

I strongly believe that ACEIT provided us the right academic environment and rigor that enabled us to hone our technical skills and develop our core competencies. The foundation given helps us to excel and carve out a name for ourselves among the technical intelligentsia who are the key to the growth of the nation.

Pulkit Kala , IT 2005 Batch

Sr Manager London

Learning is not just from the classroom, but from all the avenues that we get to interact with faculty, students and industry. Rigor and structure of the course have been designed keeping in mind the uncertain challenges that we would face in the corporate world.

Vishal Vyas, ECE, Arya-2011/PGDM, IIM Indore-2014

Assistant Manager Trade Marketing at ITC Limited, Kolkata

The 4 years spent at Arya were the stepping stones of my career journey. The competitive environment makes you continuously strive for excellence, while the diverse student community exposes you to a range of skills and areas to improve. I distinctly remember my hostel days in the pleasant environment away from the city, which made learning a rather fun process. Last but equally importantly, the support you get from the professors and placement office is remarkable.

Megha Falor, ECE 2005 Batch

Client Services Specialist Switzerland

I am confident that, down some time in my life when I look back, I would feel that past years has been the most worthwhile and memorable experience in Arya College. Studying in such an outstanding college is overwhelming.

Sunil Malodia, ECE 2005 Batch

Associate Lead USA

Heart full of thanks to placement team especially for their support and hard work. They are not just inviting the companies to recruit from campus, but also teaching the students to be competent enough and exposing us to the best training sessions that would help us bag any opportunity that knocks our door!. Thank you for letting me takes up the challenge and finally gets recruited by the famous companies.

Karan Rajput, Automobile-2009 Batch

Deputy Manager Hero Motor Corp, Jaipur

The conducive environment & ultramodern technical knowhow of Arya College of Engineering & I.T. gave me ample exposure to the latest practical knowledge & trends prevailing in the industry.

Gautam Kaviraj, CS-2008 Batch

Cisco Post Sales Technical Specialist (PSTS) Aricent Group New Delhi/ Canada

Being an Alumnus of Arya College of Engineering & I.T. is a matter of great pride for me. I am unable to pay a visit to my institution as I am overseas but the initiative to form the Alumni Association of the institution has once again brought us together to share our views and it is commendable.

Syed Fazal Bari, IT 2005 Batch

Business Strategy Lead [ET Digital] New Delhi

Arya College is the most unique and creative college amongst all the colleges in Jaipur. It has given me and my fellow classmates’ multiple opportunities, not only to showcase our critical and creative abilities in the field of technology but also in many other co-curricular fields such as art, singing, dancing, painting and many such others.

Abhishek Sharm, IT 2004 Batch

Global Head of Infor Practice PUNE

Arya College of Engineering and IT enabled me to crack high profile interviews in the corporate world. I learned management concept, principle and their application in real life through Project work, case discussions and presentations etc in the lively classroom discussions. Mentor-ship provided by the senior faculty enthuse confidence in dealing with issues that confront me on daily basis.

Kunal Kumar Rana, Auto 2008 Batch

Se Executive Honda R & D India Greater Noida/Utsunomia Japan

As an Alumni of Arya College of Engineering & I.T., I feel that the exposure and all encompassing growth that the institution offered us was phenomenal and has enabled me to achieve my career goals.

Rahul Nimawat, ECE-2008 Batch

Founder Director EMTRER

An insight into the modern technical scenario and the intrinsic knowledge of the practical side of learning provided at Arya college made me well versed in my field of education. This played a pivotal role in helping me to acquire an outstanding placement in an MNC with a package worth 20.08 lacs per annum Weapal Software, Ireland. Arya has definitely paved my path to success.

Amit Khandelwal, CS 2004 Batch

Automation Architect, Canada

I absolutely loved this course. It showed me aspects of engineering that I didn’t consider before and the fact that it covers history as well as practical projects in college assignments. Overall it has been a great experience to learn and grow under the guidance of the most experienced and eminent professors.

Abhishek Simlot, IT-2006 Batch


I believe that design as a field is and always will be something very personal, the passion for which comes from within the deepest parts of an individual. One just needs to strive hard to harvest this passion from under the ocean and I am glad to say that the Arya College of Engineering and IT, was able to help find me this treasure in myself.

Amit Manghnani, ECE-2006

Test Lead Consultant, IBM, And Team Member of Surat Smart City Project President Delhi NCR

The unique capability of ACEIT lies in its ability to strike a balance between developing the individual personality and the intellect. The right approach of the institution has prepared us well to do wonders at our workplace.

Deepak Gambhir , IT 2004 Batch, PGDTM

Senior Manager Business Development, Infrastructure Services Pune

Arya College helped me develop my eye for various styles and their decor as they relate to specific areas. It is a great way to start analyzing and criticizing the various aspects of engineers learning. During my training, I learned many new things, received encouragement to explore my creativity and style as well as improve and obtain more skill in the areas that were my weaker points.

Puneet Tambi, EE-2006 Batch

Associate Manager-Protection, Automation & Metering Department Ahmedabad, Gujrat

The college is an ideal centre of learning which inculcated the appropriate skill set & knowledge to equip me to be successful in the professional world. I am grateful for the guidance & support provided & it will always remain in my memory lane.

Ghanshyam Gurjar, EE-2005

President, Arya alumni association, Assistant Engineer RRVPNL, Phagi, Jaipur

ACEIT is the best college. It provided me an ideal platform to develop my skills and acumen to be able to face the challenges of the modern professional world.

Sumit Arneja, IT-2004 Batch

AVP Pune

I like the fact that the no. of students in the classes are not many and the faculties are amazingly friendly, interactive and also very helpful in and outside campus. They are always available and willing to help.

Naresh Kumar Chobisa, ECE 2006 Batch

Snr Engineer-II / Manager Samsung Engineering India Pvt Ltd, Noida

I am proud to be an Aryan! As I passed out from the gates of this great institution I still feel thankful for the guidance provided by the highly qualified professors of the institution who are an asset and have always been there to pave way for imminent success for the upcoming batches.

Sumit Agarwal, CS 2004 Batch

R&D Project Leader Bangalore

The college always prone to guide us well and very supportive. The environment there is very sociable with different people from different countries. And yeah the food, especially from the mess, was really good. A great place for students.

Ashish Agrawal, ECE 2004 Batch


Arya College of Engineering and IT gave me the tools to go out in the world with confidence. The concepts I learned are priceless. Being an engineer, inspiration can be hard to come by and at Arya College Jaipur I was taught from the very beginning how to use the resources we had, to create top-level designs-even on a small budget.


Senior Assistant Brand Manager Gillette North America, Procter & Gamble, Boston

The multiple extra curricular activities schedule round the years at Arya College Jaipur provided me a platform to showcase my talents and skills far and wide and lent me a unique identity and an expressive personality, Arya opened new avenues for carving my talents to perfection. I am proud to be Aryan.

Sukhwinder Singh, IT 2004 Batch

Lead SAP Basis HANA Consultant Dubai

It was a great time we spent in Arya College Jaipur. Arya has very wonderful faculty and they are very cooperative and campus environment is very positive. Training and placement department continuously providing assistance regarding the placement. Arya has made the best efforts to provide all the facilities for the students like faculties, events, sports, etc. The days which have been spent in Arya were the golden days of my life and will remember it for rest of my life. Arya College rock.

Amit Jain, IT-2004 Batch

Project Manager Pune

I feel a sense of pride being an alma mater of Arya College of Engineering & I.T. as the institution instilled the multifaceted skills which enable me to face the new challenges of the corporate world.