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How to use Search Engines for better search results?

What are the tricks that B Tech students use to search the web?

Asking Google to answer a question happens every minute. It is finding the latest news, a cheap flight ticket, nifty gadgets and everything in between from the best search engines platform. Every person might have heard this term, “Just google it.” Google knows everything, never fear. For educators and B Tech students, the Web is a treasure house of Edtech tools, apps, and websites to answer myriads of questions.

Google can provide answers. But their accuracy depends on certain factors. Nobody can deny from the fact that Google returns results that are attuned to the query, rather than some external sense of what is true or not. In other words, the search engines show websites to the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. It contains the information in your search, but it does not evaluate the credibility of the websites.

Narrow your search term down and broaden your search

Students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur can deepen their search by changing a term or word in their search phrase. They can make their search phrase more precise or add additional terms so they can reduce the number of off-topic results. They can broaden their search by opening a new tab or a new window for every search phrase. However, this allows them to investigate slightly different variations on their original search.

For the best way to phrase your query, students of  Top Private Engineering Colleges can use terms that are central to the topic and avoid terms unrelated to the topic. Also, they can use terms that keep common terms together.

Use some nifty operators

Students of B Tech College in Jaipur can narrow the focus of their search by using special operators. However, they can employ a quotation mark, which means the search engine will look for documents that contain that exact phrase.

If individuals want to search for a specific file type, they can use the operator file type like pdf chamomile tea. If they want to search only one specific website, they can use site marketing stats.

A cool trick to find if a specific phrase is somewhere on a webpage

One invaluable tip that saves tons of time of the students of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur is how to find if a piece of text appears on a page. This can be done by using Command-F on Mac or Control-F on PC. It allows a box to pop up where they can type the phrase in which they are looking for. However, this will save their time it would take to read through the entire text on the page.

Do not believe the first result that pops up

Students might be looking for global statistics on deaths due to smoking. They type into Google: global deaths due to smoking and up pops the answer, but they have to pay close attention. Google will provide the students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur the numbers for a particular country, not the world. It is best to click on the link and make sure.


In conclusion, search engines are amazingly powerful tools that help students of Engg College to find out just about anything they are interested in. To get the results they are looking for, they should not believe the first result that pops up. For this, they must broaden their research and use Google operators to do it in the shortest time.

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