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A tough decision making between BE and B Tech

Choose the right career for you

At this moment, the engineering aspirants might be busy with the registration and choice filling for the counseling at Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan. During this process, candidates might come across the undergraduate degrees with similar course content. However, this difference is due to the individual institute and universities.

The bachelor of engineering comprises various fields like business, arts, and science and named it as BE (Bachelor of Engineering). While the institutes offering B Tech (Bachelors of Technology) comprises only the professional engineering courses.

Therefore, Apart from the nomenclature, there are certain differences between the courses.

Eligibility criteria

BE (Bachelor of Engineering) is a three-year undergraduate program that can be pursued after the completion of senior secondary qualification or 10+2. The candidate has to appear for the national or state level entrance examination for getting the admission in Top Private Engineering College in Jaipur.


B Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is a three-year graduate level program to perform after completing 10+2 of a candidate. A student should appear for state or national level engineering entrance examinations to get the admission in the college offering technology course. Arya Engineering College is also one of them.

Degree focus

The course of BE focuses on the theoretical knowledge require to innovate the technologies and makes new and different technical gadgets.


The course of B Tech focuses on the skills and application-based study. After all, it is useful for candidates who have an interest in modifying structures to enhance their quality.

Skill oriented

BE define as the knowledge-oriented course that laid great emphasis on the theoretical part of the curriculum.


B Tech at Engineering Colleges Jaipur defines as skill oriented that laid great emphasis on the practical part of the curriculum.


In addition, the regular curriculum or courses, Bachelors of Engineering considers internships and industrial visits as an essential part of the curriculum in some cases.


Bachelor of Technology necessarily includes internships and industrial visits within the curriculum.

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