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Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya


How technology has changed the future of education?

The 21st century has changed the trend Previously technology has considered a distraction for the students but this perspective is shifting with time. Nowadays, no field is untouched by technology, the same in the case of the education sector. The main objective of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur to use technology in education is to provide learners with the abilities so they can be a part of the modern workforce. E-learning is developing frequently to offer tools and technology to ... Read More

On the job success for B Tech colleges grads

Tips to improve your performance After completing the college graduation and getting a job, the main concern of the students of B Tech colleges is the success in career, due to increasing in competition, performing well during job and get the success is quite important. The career recognition and advancement are on the top of the list of professional goals. Willingness and a strong desire to perform well can solve all your problems. This will further help you in climbing the ladder. Under menti... Read More

Get a good internship at Mechanical Engineering College in Jaipur

Experience through learning The best way to gain some practical or hands-on experience is to go through an internship. An internship is basically a period where the students of Mechanical Engineering College in Jaipur get some practical exposure. Moreover, they get firsthand experience of the nature of work you will be expected to do. So obtaining a quality internship is the most important. In some cases when you are doing a technical course like engineering or professional course like manageme... Read More

Student Exchange Programmes at B Tech Colleges in Rajasthan

Student Exchange Programmes at B Tech Colleges in Rajasthan

Develop your skills and personality “Exchange is a little more knowledge, little more reason and little more compassion”. These days, B Tech Colleges in Rajasthan is investing in Student Exchange Programmes. It catalyzes the growth potential of their students. It is the best way to connect the world professionally as well as culturally and bind them together. Let’s understand the very essence of these exchange programmes and how they can contribute both personally as well professionally. ... Read More

Network security course at Top Private Engineering Colleges

The age of Information technology professionals Every business or non-business organization in today’s age rely on the Information Technology Course in Jaipur for its operations and smooth functioning. Arya College has IT courses under B Tech. The organization is also one of the Top Private Engineering Colleges. In the earlier days when the computing technologies were not as developed, Network security was not as necessary a concept as is now. With the accelerating growth of the information t... Read More

Experience Best Engineering College in Kukas

Producing industry-ready professionals Best Engineering College in Kukas is a visionary, a pioneer, an entrepreneur, a humanitarian and a leader of outstanding quality. They consider higher learning and management skills essential for Indian industry and economy to grow and develop not only domestically but also globally. It also has a mission of spreading education across the country with special emphasis on providing quality education to the masses. Institute of Engineering & Technolog... Read More

Choosing the Best private Engineering College in Rajasthan

Choosing the Best private Engineering College in Rajasthan

Become industry-ready skilled professionals With the increase in modernization, big companies require industry-ready skilled professionals who are having expertise in their work and having the ability to work in a team. Students of Private Engineering College in Rajasthan must have a set of certain skills and core competencies such as collaborations, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving attitude that advocate requirement of the best institutions. It works for producing indu... Read More

Steps for entrance examinations under B Tech Courses

Exercise strategies and qualify for a bright future In engineering, the toughest part for a student knows their results for entrance examinations like JEE Advanced, JEE Mains, etc. The engineering curriculum offers various branches or B tech courses. Each of them carries some competitive exams for the bright future of the students. Every aspirant is willing to pursue their career from Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan. Therefore, before opting any option; you must have clarity on two basic ... Read More

Why B Tech Mechanical in Jaipur at Arya?

Design new things with creativity Are you a creative thinker who loves to design new things? Are you deeply attracted to science and technology? Do you dream to excel in automotive engineering or aerospace dynamics design? Then B Tech in Mechanical Engineering is for you. Our program covers major domains and emerging areas of study to prepare you for demanding roles across industries. So if you are looking to improve noise and vibration in industrial outfits, study fluid flow patterns and buil... Read More

Success tips for B Tech engineering students

Career oriented skills The majors of science and engineering attract almost one-third of the candidates every year. In the initial track of career, it is important for the Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan to analyze their efforts and skills. There are certain tips beneficial for the career aspiring college student like: Get the inspiration B tech engineering Students must identify people who inspire them. For instance, if a student of Engg College in Jaipur loves Apple products, Steve ... Read More

Importance of soft skills for B Tech Students

Communication is an essential part Assignments, Quizzes, Projects, and Internships are a huge part of the life of engineering student. Most of the students are focused on acquiring hard skills before entering the world of engineering. However, while completing their degree they have to face many hardcore challenges. Communication and soft skills have become an essential part of engineering discipline with time. No matter whether you are planning to enroll in the B Tech program, it is important ... Read More

Variety of B Tech courses for students

Programmes to transform you professionally Engineering Courses in India offers a multi-disciplinary approach and focuses on creating problem solvers. The curriculum at Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan design in order to maintain the pace with industry demand, technological innovations, and contemporary academic research. Arya College Jaipur is the experiential project-based methodology by targeting student-centric programs. It designed to prove as a world’s leading institution for innovat... Read More

A tough decision making between BE and B Tech

Choose the right career for you At this moment, the engineering aspirants might be busy with the registration and choice filling for the counseling at Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan. During this process, candidates might come across the undergraduate degrees with similar course content. However, this difference is due to the individual institute and universities. The bachelor of engineering comprises various fields like business, arts, and science and named it as BE (Bachelor of Engine... Read More

Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

Establish your business with success The franchisee businesses have certain different features than regular entrepreneurship business establishment. Their failures and success features are quite different in nature. The same factors will affect each kind of business in a very different way. Franchise business pattern has been proven successful in various economies. It has been trying to penetrate various new business markets and areas also. It is also providing a very valuable opportunity fo... Read More

Project-based learning can be the future of education

Benefits offered in PBL The education system of classroom highlights the process of imparting project-based system under education. It also creates a positive impact on the engagement, critical thinking, and motivation among the students. The working of the brain and information collection allows the learning framework of Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan. The educational method has started targeting questions that allow students to encounter and struggle with various fundamental concepts... Read More

Stress management techniques during exams

Relaxation is the key to success during exams Stress is not new to human beings. It has existed throughout evolution. At work or in life everyone experiences stress. There are a number of stress management techniques such as a change in lifestyle, relaxation, fitness, laughter, and avoid the company of stressful person etc. These techniques have a positive effect on reducing stress for the students of the top engineering college in Jaipur. Therefore, Some techniques which are easy to use, are m... Read More

Benefits of e-learning

Benefits of e-learning

The age of technological learners The time has changed from chalk-duster to mobile technology in the classroom. With the advent of technology, learners of the present time want self-paced, relevant, personalized and mobile content. This demand has introduced the need for e-learning for the students of Jaipur Engineering Colleges that shows good comfort and requirement of the students. Students from a different background can easily access the online subject or similar courses with one another,... Read More

How important workshops are for students?

Enhance your skills and experiences For the exchange of information and transferring, working together is the best option. On the basis of individual capacity and capability, expertise can gain in different areas especially the focused industry. In any student’s life, tackling such kind of situations is considered as a benefit in disguise. Best engineering colleges in Rajasthan are the perfect platform to develop skill and experience. Work with Workshops Seminars, workshops, and conferen... Read More

Reasons why we fail to achieve our goals

Tips on How to Reach Our Goals Goals are the oxygen to our dreams that takes us forward in life. It is very important that you know the importance of the goal setting and put on this knowledge in your life. When you have a goal in your life you automatically stay away from distractions and stay focused in the direction of the goal. You can achieve your goals through a top engineering college. Arya College is also one of the top 5 engineering colleges in Jaipur. Most people fail to reach thei... Read More

Reasons to study electrical engineering

Increase your focus towards electrical systems Electrical engineering, one of the main courses of engineering discipline deals with the study of development, design, and maintenance of electrical systems and their ensuring quality, components, reliability, safety, and sustainability. This is a fascinating field, and it makes your time enriching and rewarding experience. The field of Electrical engineering at Jaipur Engineering Colleges helps in the designing, development testing and administer... Read More

Trends in Today’s educational sector

An overview of Science and Technology With the advent of time, the educational industry is showing notable and significant changes. That is increasing the focus on visual technologies and augmented reality to make the learning alive. It considers Googlification, Chrome books and Google education apps inside the classroom of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. The age of modernization leads to a point where technology in education considered a rule, not the luxury. It has opened various opportun... Read More