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Why the Internet must become Feminist?

Feminisms on the web: lines and forms of action

Twitter is the most trendy and widely popular social media platforms for people across the globe. It considers thousands and millions of comments at a time to use for making active participation. You might have read people commenting, “You are simply the best or you are a hero or I am in awe of you or you are a great leader”.

In other words, the internet and social media largely enable to reach millions and can use to target trolls, cyberbullies, and fake accounts. The World Wide Web, 30 years old, is not a friendly place for girls and women. And the more vocal they are, the worse the abuse. Research by Engineering Colleges in Jaipur reveals that female politicians on social media are over 3 times more likely to experience diminishing comments related to their gender than their male counterparts. Younger women disproportionately target.

The role of bots

Increasingly, this violence performs not only by humans but by bots too. Around half of all web traffic, today creates by robots made by the students of Mechanical Engineering at B Tech College in Jaipur. Some are greatly useful, performing tasks like repairing links, removing vandalism and tagging articles on Wikipedia.

However, bots, like any technology, are not neutral. They do what they were programmed to do and some actively uphold inequalities and crowd out alternative views online.

Social robots, essentially fake accounts that imitate real humans, are creating a growing amount of content on social media. Some 15% of all active Twitter accounts work on the basis of presuming bots. However, they punch above their weight; unlike humans, but they do not need to eat or sleep, as they can post content 24/7. This makes it possible for bot-created content to flood social media streams by the students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges. Also, it includes skewing public debate and amplifying hateful rhetoric, violence, and abuse.

We need more women in tech

With the web increasingly created by bots, who creates them is an important question. The list of Best Engineering Colleges or the entire tech sector largely dominates by men. Therefore, it is fair to assume they create most bots. This has consequences in terms of what bots design to do and what problems they solve or create.

The founder of the World Wide Web is rightfully worried about the future of the web. Their central problems are affecting the internet today. Also, they are contributing to making “many people feel afraid and unsure if the web is really a force for good.” The World Wide Web has been a playground where the rules have been determined by far too few.

Moreover, it is a place where hatred and violence have been allowed to thrive, where success has been defined based on a number of engagements, not whether those engagements are useful, safe, or even made by a real human.

Change is vital for equality

Concrete action requires making that happen. The lack of diversity in tech is keeping the internet from reaching its potential for good. Students of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur need to create opportunities in the technology sector, so girls and women can determine how the web operates, and what type of bots allow to operate and how.

Students of Top 5 Engineering Colleges must develop social media platforms to improve their processes for reporting and dealing with abuse. With this, girls can safely create content that represents their views and needs. For instance, Facebook currently does not differentiate abuse relating to gender. It might cause much of the abuse suffered by girls and women to go unidentified.


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