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White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO - Which Hat Will You Wear?

Difference between White and Black Hat SEO

Understanding SEO methods is significant for the students of Computer Science Engineering at B Tech College in Jaipur. It can be complex to initial with search engine optimization. Most of the professionals have an opinion on what works, and what doesn't work. If they are using techniques of black hat SEO, it brings short-term results, but they will not set up a solid future in search results.

There are different types of hats that help to decide and make your rank.

White Hat SEO: Google's Golden Child

White hat SEO is doing search engine optimization in the manner the way Google wants you to. However, it follows Google's guidelines and creates a long-term game plan that will withstand the updates of Google. Let's understand how Google wants students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to optimize their websites.

High-Quality Content Created for the User

High-quality content focuses on the active performance of SEO. For this, it is important to have content that people want to read and share. It is also the cornerstone to white hat SEO. In other words, the content adheres to all Google's Guidelines. People read it and share it. This is the gist of white hat SEO. However, user experience is a significant factor of White Hat SEO. If your content is hard to read or takes forever to load, this doesn't create a good user experience. It will lower your chances of ranking high in the search engines.

Help Google Find & Understand Your Site

There are cases when Google has issues viewing your site. In this case, students of Top Private Engineering Colleges in Jaipur might face issues in the ranking. It is important to index your site first. Google can crawl their site properly, and they have a proper sitemap with all their important pages.

Good internal linking is also significant. Important pages should be found in the menu and link from one page to another. This can go back to user experience. Moreover, it helps Google understand which pages are important and which are not.

Black Hat SEO: Trying to Trick Google

Black hat SEO depends on breaking the rules. It defines what method students of Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan are using, as it is more of a short-term strategy. However, Google updates its algorithm on a regular basis. Most of the black hat techniques do not work.

  1. Hidden text - Mentioning certain words can help with rankings. With this, students of the B Tech Colleges in Jaipur cannot trick Google. In the earlier days, people could not see the ugly, clunky text, but Google could and would rank these sites.
  2. Cloaking - There is a difference in the HTML shows to the visitor and the HTML that shows up for the Google bot. Some sites show what was on the website to the search engines.
  3. Steal Content - This can show up as duplicate content. You are not the first one to wish your article on the website and planning to get ranks. If you copy any content, Google will quickly catch you. This is why it is so important to get unique content.
  4. Automatic Article Spinning - There are cases when students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur just change the words to synonyms making most of the new content unique. Also, they use automatic programs to change words in an article (spinning) to create unique content, post it, and then it would rank. It would have similar keywords, meaning, and websites that generated a lot of new content could rank higher. But the content did not read very well, and it was very similar to the original article and didn't provide anything unique or new.

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