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What is the future scope of mechanical engineering degree?

Scope of Mechanical Engineering Degree

Mechanical Engineering of top engineering colleges in India is one of the evergreen branches of engineering. Which has further contributed to several innovations. It considered to be one of the oldest branches of engineering. It also, deals with the concepts of fluids, thermodynamics, mechanics and structural analysis. Today, the scope of mechanical engineering is vast. These concepts are used in designing some of the best and most efficient state-of-the-art motor vehicles, aircrafts, manufacturing units, and other industrial machinery.

Due to the lack of job offers or placement opportunities for the huge number of graduates of engineering colleges India, people have started doubting their decision to take up mechanical engineering as a stream.

New trends and future scope of mechanical engineering

The scope of mechanical engineering at the list of engineering colleges Rajasthan does not limited to just manufacturing and testing of huge machinery and equipment. So, with technology making new advancements, there are several new domains and industry in mechanical engineering are being taken up by passionate engineers. These include new materials, robotics,nanotechnology, computer-aided design, geomechanics, etc. Also, the two highly pursued branches are robotics and mechatronics. Both of them combines the knowledge of mechanical engineering with other streams to deliver state of the art products.


Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that combines electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. Also, it aims to design and develop robotic systems along with computer systems to control them. With the beginning of AI revolution, Robotics as a stream has been on the rise and is expected to grow in both reach and demand in the coming decade.


Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering which uniteselectrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and Information technology. A mechatronic engineer of Best Engineering Colleges in India is responsible for designing complex engineering systems, can assist in process automation and test the systems in use in the processes.

The current market scenario and scope

The future scope of mechanical engineering of top btech colleges and its demand in the industry seem quite promising. India expected to grow manifold in manufacturing. Thus, there would be numerous new opportunities for mechanical engineers in the country. However, the compensation packages of these mechanical engineers of engineering colleges Rajasthan are dependent on the skills and expertise.

Job prospects in industries for mechanical engineers

The job roles for mechanical engineers are broadly classified into the following few segments -


In this role, the mechanical engineers of Top BTech Colleges in India would be responsible for drafting technical sketches either with computers or tools. Any mechanical engineer good with sketches or computer aided drawing is good for such a position.


The production job role mainly involves consultation and supervision in the manufacturing of machines and their components. If an individual experience the manufacturing techniques and production processes, this would be the right job role for them.

Analysis and Testing

In this job role, a mechanical engineer would be responsible for analysis and testing of machine parts, systems and equipment. Your responsibilities would include checking for faults that could have come up in the design or manufacturing processes.

Installation & Maintenance

The job role of the graduates of best mechanical engineering colleges India involves knowledge of installation of machine parts in the industrial location, along with their proper maintenance as per the provided specifications. The installation and maintenance are strong in practical knowledge instead of theoretical knowledge.


Research is one of the most exciting job roles in mechanical engineering. Their job responsibilities would include researching and implementing findings for the development of new products using the latest technologies.

The scope of mechanical engineering and the job prospects are promising for the near future. Being a fundamental discipline required by almost every field of study, mechanical engineering graduates of top Engg colleges.

Some of the top recruiting industries are always on the lookout for skilled mechanical engineers, including:

Automobile Industry

One of the fastest growing industries, the automobile industry of top BTech college offers a variety of opportunities to mechanical engineers. From design to manufacturing and even maintenance, some of the top automobile brands have started investing in recruiting of new talent for research as well as the development of transport systems like bullet trains, driverless cars, as well as pod-based transportation systems.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is not far behind when it comes to innovation and inventions. It ranges from developing flying cars to reusable satellites as well as rockets. With the technological advancements, the aerospace industry is rapidly expanding its reach and the need for skilled mechanical engineers with practical knowledge. The industry offers a variety of job roles to the mechanical engineers from design to manufacturing, testing as well as the fabled R&D, where an individual will get an opportunity to use aeromodelling, the principles of physics, as well as dynamics to innovate the systems for better design as well as efficiency.

Robotics & Mechatronics

Robotic process automation and robotics itself are the booming new trends. Almost every industry is looking for automation solutions to increase efficiency and cut down on operation costs. However, the implementation of the same requires the supervision and efforts from skilled mechanical engineers of btech colleges Rajasthan. Whether it is the manufacturing and design of a new robotics system or the implementation of process automation for inventory management, mechatronics and robotics will always have a role for the mechanical engineers to play.

Power and Metal Plants

The Power industry is one of the major contributors to the economy of India. There are several thermal power plants all over the country and since the power plants use the principles of thermodynamics and material science, mechanical engineering engineers are required.Steel plants use similar principles to recruit a large number of mechanical engineers every year.


The demand for mechanical engineers of best BTech colleges will surpass the supply, making mechanical engineering as one of the most valued disciplines of engineering again. However, one of the major challenges being faced by newly graduated students today is the lack of skills and proper knowledge due to the engineering curriculum being followed even after the introduction of several new trends and technologies.

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