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What are the reasons to pursue MTech after BTech?

MTech after BTech

BTech degree offers lots of opportunities for the students of top engineering colleges. After completing their undergraduate course, they can take up a job, start their own business, or pursue higher studies. The students can choose different options and some of them may still remain confused. However, the best option after completing BTech is to study for MTech in order to avail of the benefits of a higher degree.

Why to pursue MTech?

One of the major factors that play a significant role in gaining success is the educational qualification of an individual. The importance of technical knowledge cannot be ignored but also the candidates with higher academic qualifications are given more preference. Pursuing a higher degree from top engineering colleges in India will allow students to apply engineering skills to their day-to-day life.

Top private engineering colleges laid great emphasis on the development of advanced skills in students. So that they can work as a specialist in a specific field. With such a degree, candidates can land a well-paid job that is difficult for a BTech degree holder. Whether it is a government organization or a private company, engineering candidates with a higher degree are considered more eligible for the job.

After completing a degree in BTech, every engineering student thinks of the future. One of the main questions that strike every engineering student in their final year of BTech is whether or not should they go for MTech after completing their degree.

Also, several students find it difficult to decide whether they should go for a job after completing their Engineering or pursue a degree in Masters in Technology to enhance their knowledge. Although, the main decision of the student of whether or not to pursue MTech after BTech depends on various factors and career goals of the student.

Why Pursue MTech after BTech

There are many benefits of pursuing a Masters in Technology after completing a degree in BTech. Some of the major reasons why a student should go for a degree in MTech after pursuing BTech Courses are as follows:

  1. When a candidate opts for a degree in Masters in Technology at top engineering college, the students are given education related to a particular stream of Technology. This enables the candidates to get complete and enhanced knowledge about a specific stream of Engineering. Also, making them specialized in that particular stream.
  2. Some of the popular industries look for a candidate with a Master's degree in order to employ them for important IT industry jobs. Also, multinational companies like Microsoft and Google prefer the candidates with an MTech degree for the job.
  3. Pursuing M. Tech after completing a degree in BTech provides students of Engineering Colleges Rajasthan. The opportunity to get hired in reputed companies and earn more salary as compared to the students getting a job after completing their graduation in engineering.
  4. The candidates can also go for a Ph.D. or into the field of research after completing a degree in Masters in Technology.
  5. The candidates after pursuing Masters of Technology can also apply for a job of Professor in IITs, NITs, IIITs, and other engineering colleges.

Career Scope for Pursuing MTech after BTech

The candidates who opt to pursue MTech after completing BTech gets a lot of career scope and job opportunities. Some of the popular job options which the candidates can pursue after completing M. Tech with good salary packages include Project Manager, Senior Engineer, Research Associate, Development Engineer, Construction Manager, Machinery Engineer, Maintenance Manager, Software Developer, Researcher, etc.

Apart from all this, students of BTech colleges can also go for a career in the teaching profession after completing their MTech. Also, the candidates can opt to pursue a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) after completing their Masters in Technology in the area of their interest. Opting for a Ph.D. after Masters in Technology can help the candidates to get job opportunities in Top Engineering Colleges in India. The candidates can open their own organization after completing a degree in Masters in Technology.

Average Salary after Pursuing MTech

The average salary of a candidate after pursuing a degree in MTech depends on the type of organization. Also, the expertise, and the experience of the candidate. On average, the candidates with a degree in Masters of Technology can earn up to 40k-50k per month as a starting salary.

Is it Worth to Choose MTech after BTech?

Keeping into consideration, choosing MTech after BTech depends on the career scope of the students. They can either choose to go for a job or MTech. However, going for a Master's degree after BTech will help the students of BTech colleges get more streamlined. Also, they can apply for high paying jobs in reputable IT industries. Apart from this, pursuing MTech after BTech also opens a lot of career opportunities for students.

MTech or MBA - What to Choose After BTech?

Many students get confused as to whether to pursue a Masters in Technology (M Tech) or a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) after completing a degree in BTech. While a degree in MBA prepares students of Top BTech Colleges for non-technical and generalized roles in industries. The candidates can pursue advanced and professional studies in the technical field while pursuing M Tech.

The career option and job opportunities for both the degree are good. The decision of whether to choose M Tech or MBA completely depends upon the career goals of the student. If the student wants to pursue a generalized role in non-technical industries, he/she can go for a Masters in Business Administration. On the other hand, if the candidate wants to pursue their career in the field of Technology in a particular stream of Engineering, it is better to pursue MTech after BTech.

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