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What are the best ways to learn flutter framework in 2020?

Flutter for developing mobile applications

Flutter is the most popular UI kit due to the flexibility of building apps quickly and the ease of learning the language. Learning flutter framework will take a few well-informed videos, online and offline learning resources, and a lot of self-learning, no matter whether it required by the students of top engineering colleges or a newbie.

What is Flutter?

Flutter - an open-source framework mainly used for developing mobile applications. It is developed by Google. Students of engineering colleges can also get web and desktop versions for the same app using a single code base. Flutter framework consists of many beautifully designed widgets, a rich set of motion APIs, and scrolling, navigation, fonts, and icons that work across platforms. This ensures smooth performance both on Android and iOS phones. Flutter applications are natively compiled.

Why should you learn flutter framework?

Mobile app development is the trend of 2020. It is most convenient to view and perform actions on mobile because candidates of Top Private Engineering Colleges can do so from anywhere and at any time. A fully customizable framework allows an individual building a highly expressive and flexible UI. Flutter is easy to learn and enables faster development. If those reasons are not enough, there are some more reasons to learn flutter.

  1. No cross-platform issues - Flutter follows the write-once approach as it is ahead-of-time compiled, thus giving native code experience.
  2. No rebuild required - Hot reload allows developers to view code changes as soon as they are saved.
  3. Great community and support - The flutter team is quite helpful, and the community provides ample support for new learners.

Features of Flutter Framework

It is significant for the students of Top Engineering Colleges in India to know everything so that they can just dig into the resources and have hands-on learning without having to go for an introduction again. Some of the unique features of Flutter include:

  1. Focus on Customizable widgets, as all sets of widgets from material design and Cupertino pack (rather than android XML) is available to provide hassle-free UI development.
  2. Hot reload helps developers see their changes instantly. This reduces development time as well as bug fixing time.
  3. Write-once, run anywhere code that runs on any platform without changes.
  4. Flutter uses Dart programming language that uses both ahead of time and just in time compilation giving high performance and faster start up time.
  5. Native ARM machine code allows for native performance on both Android and iOS to the students of the Best Engineering Colleges.

How to Learn Flutter Framework?

There is no fixed time to start learning Flutter. Flutter has many resources on the internet, and information overload can be overwhelming for it. Due to this, professionals of Best B Tech Colleges in Rajasthan have come up with the best resources that can help an individual to learn Flutter in the right way. There is a lot of documentation available on the official flutter website, but you should refer to other resources for more depth and variety.

Online Videos and documentation

A lot of sample videos and documentation are available easily. For this, students of engineering colleges can also check out the Widget of the week on YouTube that covers a widget from the SDK. If anyone requires quick hands-on about a widget, this is the right place to go.

Online tutorials

Hacker's Flutter tutorial link has a list of some of the best free and paid courses. Flutter & Dart is a good course wherein students of Top Engineering Colleges can learn both Dart and Flutter at once. Similarly, getting started with Flutter is a good beginner's course that a person can take up for free.


Books are a great way to get in-depth knowledge about any subject as well as reference material. Some of the best books to learn Flutter including learn Google flutter fast and beginning flutter – a hands-on guide to app development. As a beginner, an individual should be able to gather much from just these 2 books.

How to install Flutter?

The first thing, students of Best Engineering Colleges should have is SDK or Software Development Kit. It is a set of software tools that come in a single package and can be used in their development environment. For development, an individual can use an integrated development environment (IDE) that makes their development and testing easy and fast. There are 2 popular IDEs including:

  • VS Code – It is light, fast, and everything that an individual expects an IDE to be. This is the best one to work on.
  • Android Studio – With Android Studio on your device, an individual have to install a plug-in for Flutter and Dart, set up the SDK, and start their working.


There are many engineering courses at Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur and different online sources for learning Flutter. If students of engineering colleges are already into mobile app development, a good course will help them to learn quickly so that they can get on board. However, if the project of an individual has relaxed timelines, then they should do more experiments, try to build your widgets by setting up your local environment, and read a book or two to know about more complex designs. Books will help you fill the gaps between what you already know and what you need to learn.

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