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What are the best job oriented skills to learn for BTech students?

Top tech skills in high demand

Workplace trends and scenarios are changing constantly. In such a dynamic environment, BTech students need to adapt and consume newer and more relevant or job oriented skills. From technology-related to people-oriented skills, there are the top ones you must acquire to up your career game.

Learn to handle data

With more businesses going digital. The first steps for the students of Top Engineering Colleges should be to learn data handling. The base skills to chase are understanding data in your domain, database handling and querying, including SQL, data visualization and tools to convert data into usable charts and insights. However, advanced skills include R programming for data science, Python for coding and Hadoop for big data. A base in math and statistics is a boost for employment.

Machine learning

How does a firm use data to profit? Through machine learning (ML) skills, which include data science skills like R/Python, data modeling and validation techniques, expertise in statistics and probability, and implementation of machine learning libraries and algorithms

Tech advisory and analysis

Organizations need technical support, in the form of system analysts, application analysts, and technical advisers. It will help students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to understand business problems, help design solutions, test applications, solve errors and help people transition to new technology. After all, these roles are part of the IT department and relevant skills include experience in operating systems, languages and databases like UNIX, Java, Oracle, etc.

Full-stack in tech

There is a growing demand for the full-stack development skillset. It is the ability to develop tech both on the front-end/client-side and back-end/server-side. Front -end skills include proficiency in HTML/CSS/dynamic UI and frameworks like angular.js. On the other hand, back-end skills include system administration, server-side languages like Node/Python and database skills like SQL. Nobody can learn all of them together. Therefore, students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur must select a combination like MEAN or LAMP stack.

Customer success

In order to achieve up-sell and repeat sales, there is a great need for customer success managers. They must focus on customer usage of product and support for challenges. However, employability is high for the students of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur having social skills, communication ability, and specific product knowledge.

Sales skills

Often undervalued and misunderstood, good salespeople are always in demand because they possess a multitude of skills that make them invaluable. These include relationship-building skills, listening, communication skills, time management, product knowledge and demonstration skills, and negotiations. Sales are a skill set that is transferable and will always keep the students of B Tech College in Jaipur employed.


In conclusion, the capabilities that specific employers are looking for can run the area. However, research agrees that the above skills are currently sought after by many employers, and will continue to be prioritized well into the future.

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