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Ways to develop animated characters for a storyboard

How to get started on storyboarding?

Every student carries different career aspirations and skills. Most of the people are willing to enter the creative field, but lack of some particular skills creates obstacles. Keeping this in mind, students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur has created solutions through technology that can help people meet the above requirements with ease. However, this way will help them employ in designing animated characters.

Learn to use CAD

Computer-aided-design (CAD) applications are the most technical tools. Students of Computer Science Engineering can use in developing animated characters of any form. With these tools, they can draw either 2 or 3-dimensional animated characters. However, the learning process associated with making use of a CAD application may prove time-consuming to some, and the cost of purchasing one may also get in the way.

It is also significant to note that there are some free CAD applications to download for personal use, and taking the issue of steep learning can be done with the aid of free online tutorials.

Create animated characters from real objects or subjects

There is also a less versatile but easier technique that students of B Tech Colleges can use in developing their characters. This method is made possible by the use of animated cartoon software applications to ‘cartoon’ real-life pictures or images. They only require uploading a picture of their chosen subject and the application will do the job of animating the characters for them.

There is an excess of excellent animating application options on the internet that anyone can freely download. It will help them to create a character or an actual storyboard. It is also significant to note that these apps produce an animated version of the image and cannot be used as a design tool for concept characters they have stored in their brains.

Make use of a 3D scanner

A 3D scanner is a device that students of Top Engineering Colleges can use to scan actual objects. It aims at reproducing its exact shape and color in digital form. However, the device is one most the 3D printing enthusiasts that must have come across in their career as a hobbyist. Developing animated characters using a 3D scanner is quite simple. This will only require the device scanning and an animating software application.

Create with your Xbox Kinect

The Kinect is an animation creating device. It requires capturing the installation of software application, scanning the person or objecting to performing the animated movements you want. Then proceed to upload these files to your PC in order to generate the animated version via a CAD application.

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