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Useful tools for IT professionals of B Tech Colleges

Learn the libraries for Software Developers of Computer Science Engineering at B Tech Colleges

Software development is the best tool for one of the types of trading. A good Software Developer of B Tech Colleges must know about these tools so that they can access powerful and advanced tools set as compared to the average programmer. But there are certain tools that every software developer of computer science engineering college must know.

Tools Every Programmer Should Know

After knowing these tools, you can accomplish a lot in your job as a programmer or IT specialist. Some of them are listed below:

Git and Github

Good knowledge of any source control repository is essential for any programmer or software developer of the Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. It requires check-in and check-out of each and every code every day. In order to become a better developer, students must aware of the advanced concepts like merging and branching. In today’s time, Git and Github have become identical with the source control repository and version control tool. Git is a definitive and step-by-step guide which suggests in-depth study for the tools like Github.


Every programmer should learn this essential tool or programming language. SQL stands for Standard Query Language that is used to work with the databases by the students of Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan. This allows users to read, delete and update data from the tables. The database is used everywhere in the world but it requires a good understanding of it.

Apart from knowing basic commands like Insert, Select, Update and Delete; a programmer should know writing complex queries by making use of joins, subqueries, aggregate functions, and other advanced functionalities.


Python programming language is a must for every Java programmer. It is a powerful, high level and object-oriented programming language. However, it creates useful scripts to automate stuff. It has various numbers of modules that start from file system accessibility, web application development to machine learning at B Tech Colleges.

Excel or any Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel is another necessary tool for software developers and programmers. On this, you can do a lot more than excel. It can be found anywhere and anybody can use it. It starts from business to BA, QA and project managers. Also, students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur can use it to generate reports, automate, and reconcile stuff and more. If you want to work more than copy paste stuff, Microsoft Excel is the best option.

Word or Similar

Microsoft Word is one of the essential tools for programmers and software engineers of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. As a developer, you can create documents like requirement documents, software design documents, etc. However, it provides sophisticated formatting options to create good looking documentation.


In conclusion, these are the most essential tools for a programmer. It is in use by a web developer working in JavaScript, a Java developer working on server-side code, or a mobile developer working on Android or iOS apps. Good knowledge of these tools goes a long way in your software development career because you will use these tools each and every day and appreciate the time and effort you put initially to learn them. Arya is the Best B Tech College in Jaipur.

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