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Top Engineering Branches in Jaipur for a Bright Career

Engineering for a Better Career

Engineering is one of the most sought-after career options among-st the students of Engineering Colleges in India because it offers the lucrative career opportunities. To ensure a good career in engineering, it is essential to choose the right engineering branches and college. There are different specializations in Engineering, and each specialization has various career prospects. Apart from choosing a good college, it is significant to choose the right specialization in B.Tech. This will help them in reaching their career goals and aspirations.

Although various new specializations have emerged in engineering, it is important to know the top engineering branches in Jaipur along with the best engineering colleges that are offering these courses. As the admission season for BTech admission in India is underway, it is the right time to decide on which branch they are going to choose in BTech.

Best Engineering Courses in India

As top private deemed universities offer admission in advance than government colleges, it is the right time to choose the best engineering course that suits your career aspirations. Some of the top engineering branches or courses for engineers are as follows:

1. Computer Science and Engineering

With an expansion of IT industry at a phenomenal pace, the demand for software engineers or experts in the computer science engineering field must maintain an increasing trend. Programming languages, software knowledge, coding, program design, project management are some of the highlights of the computer science and engineering course. A lot of national and international companies offer lucrative job opportunities to CSE graduates across the globe.

Popular Companies for Computer Science Engineers includes Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, Cisco, Wipro, etc.

2. Electronics and Communication Engineering

The ECE branch of engineering can be exciting for the candidates of BTech Colleges who are very much interested in electrical circuits, digital gadgets, signs and signal systems, power electronics etc. The telecommunication, mobile development and electrical industries must progress year after year, hence there is plenty of scope to build a career in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Popular Companies for Electronics and Communication Engineers includes Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Intel, Texas Instruments, Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Samsung, Electronics, Toshiba, Sony, Philips Semiconductors, etc.

3. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is considered to be one of the oldest branches of engineering. Also, it is one of the most popular choices of engineering specializations, especially among people who are interested in machinery, product design, automobile, manufacturing etc. There are multiple mechanical engineering jobs available in the market, including some of the highest paying jobs of the Engineering stream. A talented student must earn a good salary and get hired by some of the top engineering and manufacturing companies around the globe.

4. Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a branch of engineering that has a wide range of scope in job-availability. Graduates of top electrical engineering colleges in Jaipur can find themselves employed in some of the largest construction projects of the world, such as damns and bridges as well as in small electrical component manufacturing units producing everyday appliances.

5. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a branch that deals with the construction of infrastructure along with the design, planning and maintenance of structures that are essential to sustaining modern life. In a developing and growing country like India, where there is no shortage of construction projects like highways, bridges, tunnels, urban spaces like parks, pathways, there is plenty of scope for building a career in Civil Engineering.

Moreover, with the issue of overcrowding and pollution in cities on the rise, an increasing need is being felt for talented city planners and civil engineers who can design spaces that are in harmony with the environment.

6. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a branch that deals with the study and application of chemical reactions. It can solve everyday problems that often remain undetected in our day-to-day lives. In fact, chemical engineers of private engineering colleges in Jaipur are an essential part of many vital industries like the petroleum and oil industry, fertilizer industry, food manufacturing and processing industry etc.

A career in chemical engineering can offer good prospects of jobs in some top companies in India along with excellent chances of growth.

7. Biochemical / Biomedical Engineering

Biochemical Engineering is a branch that includes using the principles of chemical engineering to solve medical problems. Basically, it involves the study of biological organisms and molecules and applying the knowledge and principles learned to the improvement of quality of life of individuals.

Biomedical Engineering is related to Biochemical in a sense that both are involved with the medical field, is a different branch in which engineering principles are applied to the medical field to aid in creating better medical procedures. It forays into fields like designing and manufacture of artificial body parts, surgical and diagnosis machinery etc. While both branches have their differences, many of the jobs available in these fields are in the same or similar companies and industries.

8. Aerospace / Aeronautical Engineering

Aerospace engineering is the most difficult side of the spectrum. It involves principles related to the design of space crafts, aeroplanes, missile systems, rockets etc. The requirement of a large number of talented aerospace engineers is imminent, especially in the current scenario when air travel is becoming a norm and dreams to venture farther than ever into the universe.

Aerospace Engineering is further categorized into Aeronautical Engineering, as it deals with the design and study of aircraft. On the other hand, Astronautical Engineering is concerned with vehicles and stations that can travel to and in outer space.

Scope of Engineering

With the globalization and liberalization of the economy, many career options are available for engineers. There is a great demand for engineering in both India and abroad. Job prospects for engineering graduates have always been good. From the private sector to the public sector, to government there is a lot of scope for engineers.

Securing seats in one of the top engineering college branches require hard work and excellent scores in the respective engineering entrance exam as these courses get filled in the primary rounds of counselling. The job opportunities after pursuing these courses are very bright and some of the most reputed organisations recruit fresh graduates as well as experienced engineers.

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