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Top Computer Games for engineers in 2021

Computer Games for engineers in 2021

There are computer games for engineers of Top BTech Colleges in Jaipur regardless of the industry like construction, space, civil engineering, or physics. They are a great way to unwind after a long day. But many of them are fantastic ways to maintain a sharp memory and brain function. A research has been conducted which shows that the action games can actually expand the brain’s cognitive abilities. Thus, you must ensure to work hard and play harder by incorporating one of these games into your downtime schedule.

Also, these computer games are great for inspiring youngsters by introducing them to engineering-related games. There are some potential gifts for the engineers in your life.

Construction Games for Engineers


There are so many building games out there, it can be tricky to know where to begin. Also, one of the first games by engineers across the board is Minecraft. This is a super-accessible game suitable for all ages, but it also has an appeal that is difficult to resist. Using simple tools, it creates structures that help students of Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan to survive the Minecraft universe. A truly amazing feature of this game is that they can use special sequences of blocks to create a fully-functioning digital computer.


Factorio is a great early-access game based on the idea of building and maintaining factories. Players assume the role of an engineers of top BTech colleges surrounded by abundant resources. That must be managed and utilized. From mining resources and researching technology to automating production and fighting enemies, this game is perfect for construction things. Starting out with the basics, players start by chopping trees and transporting resources by hand. Eventually, the hard work pays off, and players become industrial powerhouses who can collaborate with friends and contribute to the design of features within the game.

Physics Games for Engineers

Kerbal Space Program

The physicists are great at overcoming logical challenges. Due to this, Kerbal Space Program is one of the best computer games for physics buffs. The premise is simple, as it builds a rocket and fly it into space. However, once students of btech colleges get going, they will notice that the game is anything but simple. With this, they can build the rocket easily enough. But then they need to make all of the necessary calculations for fuel consumption. And also the speeds required to enter it into orbit. It can quickly get super-technical.

Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat

Students of engineering colleges in Jaipur who like their multiplayer computer games would do well to check out Fatal Velocity. They use Physics Combat, a first-person smasher in which players must rely on speed and the environment around them to beat their opponents. Using physics-based weaponry at super-fast speeds, players must thrash the opposition while avoiding environmental hazards, as well as airborne dangers at every turn. This game can seriously swallow up their time, so they ensure having enough to spare before they get hooked.

Civil Engineering Games


Civil engineers of best btech colleges will love INFRA, a super-fun PC game based on the need to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure around them. Players also take on the role of a structural analyst working around the city to save it from full devastation. This mission turns into a fight for survival as corruption and conspiracy bubble to the surface, which presents puzzles and challenges to use pure brainpower. There are no guns or big explosions to be seen here, instead a plenty of incredible detail and the consistent message that all actions have consequences on those around them.


The SimCity is an original game for city planning and monitoring. Although based on a pretty simple idea, it has been around for so long that it must have inspired at least two generations of civil engineers of best btech colleges in Rajasthan. Civil engineers have to wait years for the chance to see their work come to fruition, SimCity enables for instant gratification regarding the process of building a city.

Chemistry Engineering Games

The Chemist

The Chemist is another great foray into the wild and wonderful combination of both chemistry and gaming. The Chemistis an early-access game that requires players to create concoctions for a wide range of contracts. The game can focus on private lives or determine the fate of the world, as each player can decide. Large corporations will take note of players’ actions and either use their inventions to help the world or simply take benefits of them.

HoloLAB Champions

The HoloLAB Champions is a virtual reality-based chemistry game show in which players compete to become the champion of the laboratory. Using materials and equipment found in real-life chemistry labs, the holographic host of the show direct players through a sequence of mini-labs in preparation for the end challenge.

Space Engineering and Exploration Games

Space Engineers

Engineers of private engineering colleges in Rajasthan who dream of using their skills in space should check out the early-access game Space Engineers. Though still under development, Space Engineers are super playable and features a huge number of play modes. While its unfinished state might put some players off, the great thing about early-access games is continually improved and updated with regular bug fixes and content optimizations, which makes their gameplay really interesting.

Battlefield Engineer

The Battlefield Engineer is a game based on great spaceship design, fleet composition, and battle tactics. It is a physics-based engineering puzzle game. Whereby players can use their skills to design and test ships in preparation for defeating their enemies. The12 handmade challenge levels include the tactical fighting and manually- controlled flight. Which shows that the game has a serious level of detail that relies heavily on its basis of unbending Newtonian physics.

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