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Things to know about studying at BTech colleges in India

Things to Consider Before studying at BTech Colleges in India

India is a thousand years old country having rich culture, religious diversity and hundreds of languages. Also, a great destination for international students. It is a home to an ancient education system comprises of various BTech Colleges in India. Today, India has more than 800 universities or colleges spread across the land. Most of them have a high global reputation and are known for training students to join multinational companies.

Where to begin

Developed from the British educational system, India has a centralized agency, the University Grants Commission (UGC) that regulates the education of engineering colleges in India. The technical and professional education here is controlled by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), and medical education by the Medical Council of India. An individual must ensure finding a choice of university or college. Which is recognized by one of these agencies before you apply. You should avoid colleges which are not affiliated with the central agencies because there may be a risk that your degree will not be recognized by your home country when you return.

Both the National Assessment and Accreditation Council is an autonomous body of the UGC, and the National Institutional Ranking Framework of the Ministry of Human Resource Development both look after quality assurance and evaluate higher education institutions for engineering graduates.

Types of universities

Today, India has four major types of university including Central universities (managed by the government of India), state universities, private universities or top engineering colleges (regulated by the UGC and local state statutes) and religious minorities institutions that runs by trusts of their respective communities.

BTech students can opt for any kind of institution that accepts international students and is recognized globally. In general, the institutions or colleges run by the central government are best for them, as they may offer scholarships and have a high quality of education. Also, Private Engineering Colleges are playing a big role in offering education to foreigners due to their flexibility and less bureaucratic approach.

Major destinations

Educational institutions are spread across the country. However, international students of best engineering colleges might find the more suitable locations to be the bigger cities like New Delhi, Rajasthan, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. These places have emerged as popular destinations for international students due to their temperate climate, metropolitan culture, good presence of foreigners and quality education.

Campus culture

Most of the engineering colleges in India have a vibrant campus culture and amenities like cafeterias, hostels, mini-markets and even basic health facilities. Even, some of them have international hostels, which are useful in confirming the presence of other international students.

Where to stay

In general, the international hostels are the best places for international students. This is because they offer complete safety inside the campus bus and have a wide network of friends and a good atmosphere for learning. However, the shared residential apartments near the campuses of top btech colleges are quite popular among foreign students in India and can be searched online or through the international office of the universities or colleges.


In a huge country like India, it is significant to figure out how an individual is going to get about. Almost all big cities have airports and are connected through the widespread Indian Rail network. Candidates can easily book their flights and train tickets online. Generally, the cities have inter- and intra-state bus stations. Where tickets can be bought over the counter and in some cases online as well.

A bicycle is a good way to get around your college campus. However, many students have motorbikes and use the free shuttle services available on larger campuses.


Indian food is known across the world to be delicious and flavorful. Therefore, you must try to have as much local food as you can. Almost every corner of the country has its own cuisine, which is worth exploring for students from outside the country. Many Western chain restaurants are present across the country that adds an Indian touch to their dishes. It makes them spicier and can take some getting used to. Of course, there are innumerable great traditional restaurants to be found everywhere.


Almost all premier institutions or best engineering colleges in Rajasthan in the country offer courses just in English. The technical, medical and professional education is offered majorly in English and follows a uniform syllabus across the country. Due to the country’s linguistic diversity, English has also become a common language among students. Outside campuses, the local tongue dominates. Therefore, this could be an opportunity for the engineers to learn a new language.


Be prepared to face a lot of forms and letters when you first come to the BTech colleges in India. You must be ready with multiple photocopies of your documents and certificates. Digitization is being embraced rapidly in the education system, but there is a long way to go. Do not expect to address and resolve everything by email or an online portal. It is better to approach the administration offices for things like admission, examinations, registration, results or any official requirement and stay on top of paperwork deadlines.


The most significant part of international education is financing. International students can get a quality education at a fraction of the cost compared while comparing it with the other countries. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations offers a number of scholarships to low-income engineering aspirants.

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