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The way forward to the new dream of literacy

Top future trends for Engineering Colleges aspirants

India ranks amongst one of the largest countries in the world with the highest illiteracy level. Repetitive efforts on the part of the Government prepares to uplift the literacy level in the country. Gender discrimination in our country is also a major factor contributing to the high illiteracy level. The percentage of female illiteracy in our country is higher especially at most of Top Engineering Colleges. It directly affects the population control and stabilization efforts.

The recent plan proposes by the Human Resources Development Minister to reduce the illiteracy level in India. It is known as Education Next – The Way Forward. It aims at becoming an education Superpower of the Future.

The plan and its proposed implementation

The proposed plan has outlined certain strategies for the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. It will considerably reduce the illiteracy level in India. It includes several important points:

  1. Increasing enrolment from 12.2% to 30% of the relevant age group of the population in higher education programs in the next 5 years.
  2. Introduce a considerable number of new courses for engineering colleges’ graduates and other streams as well.
  3. Increasing the comprehensive use of modern technologies to disseminate various educational programs.
  4. Involving both the private and the corporate sector as proactive entities in the proposed program

Benefits of an educational program

The positive points of the “Education Next” Program are:

  1. The exhaustive use of cloud computing has been increased.
  2. Education dissemination through the use of low-cost devices like tablets and mobile phones
  3. Using the Broadband and Internet to provide open education
  4. Introducing a huge number of new courses for students all over the world especially in B Tech, M Tech and MBA It will provide them a wide variety of choices to pursue and the freedom to choose the combination of courses as a part of the syllabus. This may even include odd combinations like Mathematics and Music
  5. Recreated the education structure so the students have adequate exposure to practical education like a laboratory, hands-on experience, and research facilities

Challenges faced by the program

  1. The “Education Next” program primarily focuses on higher studies schemes. But part of the focus should shifts to the primary school education and Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan that provides the basis for higher studies.
  2. The issue of the market demands needs an immediate address. The current statistics show that 70% of graduates from the Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan and 85% of graduates from the general streams either underemployed or unemployed.
  3. Introducing a huge number of courses for higher studies to increase the choice of the students will also generate the need for proper faculty to teach these courses.


In conclusion, professionals in different fields are trying to lift the curse of illiteracy from our country. Various programs have been implemented but the process of implementing literacy amongst the Indian population still maintains a slow pace. But with the advent of time, top institutes and colleges have changed the need to create educational reform due to the increase in their educational quality and expertise.

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