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The Impact Of Wearable Technology

Keeping the Technology in Mind

Time has evolved and so the technology. In the world of innovations and technology, wearable technology has created a revolution. The wearable technology provides instructions, which increase productivity, safety, and research initiatives in different industries maintenance. Keeping the technology in mind, Arya College of Engineering & IT support all modern technologies and innovation. Arya is one of the Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur.

The wearable has the capability of computations that help the wearable to process the data about the real world. They also present data in some type of displays. In the last few years, the use of wearable technologies is growing rapidly. Also, it can be evaluated from the reflective increase in the industrial digitalization. Some of the most commonly used wearable devices are:

Head-Mounted Displays (HMD)

The HMD device consigns the visuals directly to the eyes of the users. The device can work on both virtual and augmented reality. It can we used to take pictures and make videos. The HMDs are most popular in the form of smart glasses or virtual reality headsets. These are the most commonly used devices. They support the information from both external and internal sensors. They can also collect information through wireless technologies like GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.


The smartwatches connected to your Smartphone. The smartwatches give you the facility of messaging and handling your emails. There are smartwatches, which gives you information about your surrounding environment like air quality, temperature, humidity, etc.

Activity trackers devices

These activity trackers keep the track of your heart rate, calories burnt, footsteps, location, and many other such things. The device is not useful for industrial maintenance purpose. Rather, it is used for the personal wellness or fitness of the user of the tracker. These are also known as wrist-worn devices and are commonly used by youth these days.

Smart textiles

The smart textiles comprise of the clothing, which has sensors, and wireless devices embedded in it. The garments will transmit information about the user’s heart rate and stress level. In industrial maintenance use, the tracker can obtain information about the worker’s health and safety.


Flashlights are useful for those workers or technicians who work in dark areas. The flashlights light up to his full capacity. So, the flashlights are considered as an advantage in the field of wearable devices.

Although, there are many wearables in the market but the adaptation of these wearable encounters some of the barriers. Some barrier in the adoption is:

  • Resistance by Employees: The employees at the industry scared of coming out of their comfort zones. They make themselves resistant to adopt any new modern technologies. To overcome the problem, the industrial organization should educate the employees about the benefits of wearable technologies.
  • Wearable Deployments: The benefits of the wearable acknowledged worldwide. However, in some places, maintenance remains challenging. Therefore, to abstract these problems the industries should make a wearable deployment strategy. It will help the organizers to engage their employees.
  • Lack of Innovations: There are many organizations, which lack in innovations. These organizations leverage the innovations attached to the digitization. Moreover, there is also a lack of interest of people in implementing these wearable technologies.

Talking about the technologies and innovations, the students and employees of the Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur are willing to adopt and deploy the wearable technologies. So, the members of B Tech College in Jaipur interested in implementation and proliferation of the wearable technologies.

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