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Strategies to help youth succeed in the digital age

How to prepare BTech students for the jobs of the future

With the advent of time, the rapid spread of digital technologies around the world is boosting economic growth and expands opportunities in many ways. But the benefits of technological changes are not evenly distributed to workers globally. For high-skilled BTech students, technology in most cases complements their skills, increases their productivity, and often leads to higher wages. In other words, middle and low-skilled workers provide benefit on the degree to which technology complements or substitutes workers in job functions.

Help young people make the most of online work platforms

Signing up to online work platforms might seem simple, but getting jobs is not as easy. This is because of the lack of skills to secure relationships or contracts, lack of good internet connectivity and lack of computer access. In response, Digital Divide Data train youth in digital skills like transcribing and tagging audio and video files. They match students of Top Engineering Colleges to online work with clients worldwide and provide access to computer centers where young people can do the work.

Provide digital skills training to make youngsters employable across sectors

In recent years, many countries have experienced fast growth in terms of employment. Digital jobs for the students of B Tech Colleges extend far beyond the business process outsourcing industry. Digital skills have become increasingly valuable across different functions.

For instance, there is a high demand for digital skills in sectors like retail, hospitality, tourism, and financial services. Across functions, digital skills can make young entry-level candidates more competitive for customer service, sales, human resources, data management, and information technology positions.

Help young people gain skills that employers need

Training can customize to nurture the right skill sets and attributes for the students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges. This is only if employers provide input into curriculum design and data about what makes a high-performing employee for them,

For instance, Campus Placement colleges focus on partnering with employers who can commit to bulk job placement. Connections to employers and demand-oriented program design resulted in job placement rates as high as 90% across the Digital Jobs training programs.

Provide soft skills training and workplace simulations

Designing programs to include workplace simulations and soft skills training are critical for employers. In addition, soft skills training enable students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to improve their communication, collaboration, and resilience in professional settings. They emphasize soft skills training by providing a safe, virtual environment for young people. With this, they can prepare for workplace scenarios that they would encounter on the job.

Apply new technology to increase the effectiveness of job matching services

Online career and recruitment platforms can help improve job matching across sectors for the students of Best Engineering Colleges.

For instance, some companies apply psychometric testing to make it easier for young people to find work that matches their interests. The technology also helps youth identify gaps in their skills in relation to jobs they are interested in. Also, it offers them the opportunity to gain those skills through self-learning modules. In addition, employers benefit from recruitment technology solutions such as automated analysis of resumes.

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