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Social Media Networking – Popular sites for BTech graduates

Social Media Networking sites for BTech graduates

When it comes to social networking, plenty of doubt still persists among many older engineers of top engineering colleges in Jaipur who view social media networking sites simply as a distraction best suited to self-obsessed celebs and time-wasting teens. Nobody denies the fact that all selfies and stream-of-consciousness drop. Instead, social media networking sites present opportunities to grow your customer reach, broaden your knowledge base, widen professional connections, and keep up with industry news and trends.

In fact, social networking is changing the way engineers of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur can work. They can use a network of experts to help them solve challenges, improve efficiencies or share advice. Major CAD developers like PTC, are even starting to integrate social capabilities into their software.

Web-based social media is a fundamental piece of the present society. With heaps of data being scattered over the Internet, web-based social media has turned into the very texture whereupon our general public is being manufactured. The general populations who are at the front line of trim the eventual fate of person-to-person communication locales are youngsters and kids. This is on the grounds that immense larger parts of the general population who utilize the Internet are kids and adolescents.

Purportedly, numerous adolescents spend a normal of 8 hours online consistently. Quite a bit of that time is believed to be spent via web-based networking media locales, with just some consideration concentrated on research and learning. While there have been numerous negative results from web-based social networking, for example, cyber bullying and other online threats, web-based social networking can be utilized as a part of ways that advance positive and gainful thoughts in the public eye. These constructive practices make online networking a precious device to youngsters if utilized effectively.

Students of Top BTech Colleges in India may fear irrelevant-information-overload, but this flow of information is actually controllable. They can choose where, when and with whom they want to participate.


LinkedIn appears to be the most popular social media channel used by engineers of Top Engineering Colleges in India and technical professionals. Being a networking site for professionals, it is the least ‘social’ of the social networking sites. It is a place to connect with colleagues, business associates, clients and industry thought leaders.

Some may argue that LinkedIn is just for people who are on the hunt for employment opportunities. In LinkedIn, they engineering colleges in Jaipur have the opportunity to join subject specific and location specific groups to connect with industry professionals. It puts them right under the noses of decision-makers and potential new leads. It offers a great opportunity to initiate discussions, provide opinions, and get themselves noticed as an expert in their field. There are so many industry specific groups that they can find using the search function in LinkedIn.


Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. In other words, students of best engineering colleges in Jaipur can select only users that interest them, and search for topics using a hashtag (#). Twitter is a great place to pick up the latest engineering headlines or news, follow their engineering idols or ‘influencers’ or keep up with product design trends or industry updates. Also, it is good place to share their own links and articles, either those they have written on their own blog, or relevant topics they think others in their field will also be interested in.

There are plenty of engineers who are proving them lot are already just as hip as the rest of them. There are four Twitter profiles that regularly post interesting engineering content. Also, they can search for curated lists (and create your own) which separate and organize topics or people that they are interested in, such as this one for mechanical engineering. Simply use the hashtag to search and filter topics.


Quora is an online community where users can post or answer questions. It is easy to end up down rabbit holes on Quora, but engineering graduates can filter and search information relevant to their interests and they will likely discover a whole lot of information they never thought they would.

How to get the most out of networking through social media?

  • a. Find influencers - That is people with a bit of clout in the industry, and follow their posts. Get in touch with them and make them a part of your online network. Join groups and discussion boards and actively participate.
  • b. Share - or retweet - Posts from others. Link back to them and they will see students of BTech colleges are sharing their posts.
  • c. Approach your target customers - Connect with decision makers, project managers and marketing folk. Research popular #hashtags in your in industry and incorporate them into your posts to help you get your content found.
  • d. Encourage your employees or colleagues to share your posts with their own networks, and vice-versa. Provide useful, shareable information in your posts.


The goal of social media networking for engineers of Private Engineering Colleges in Jaipur should be collaboration. Social media should enable them to connect with and learn from industry experts for free. It is an opportunity for innovation and growth and helps them take the plunge.

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