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Role of internships in the curriculum

Academic exercise through internships

Internships are of vital importance to engineering students who prepare for careers in private industry through Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur, consulting, government and research. Internships bridge the gap between theory and practice and provide students with practical, field-based, real-world experiences during their years of graduate study.

The services at Top 10 Engineering Colleges offer well-structured internship programs to the candidates. These internships can be divided into two sections based on individual semesters offered during a year. Both of these play an important role in the skills and knowledge development of an individual. There are cases when students themselves have to make their internship choices. For this, they are required to consider location, course suitability and industry they wished to go.

Type of internship programs

The first internship program at Best B Tech College in Jaipur is known as practice school. Its tenure is 4-6 weeks immediately after the completion of the 4th semester during the summer season. This program provides a better understanding of working in the corporate world in various functions related to an industry or organization. This program enables them to learn different real-world applications of their curriculum and develop an understanding of vast engineering options. It has various facets like productivity, inventory, information systems, management, data analysis, and human resource development. It mainly aims to study and orientation.

Students who do not have any exposure to industry realize how the paper converts to mobile technologies. Faculties of Highest Placement College in Jaipur guide students to choose their industry of interest and make them create mind-blogging questions, innovation for the next three semesters. Students can co-relate theory with practical under this.

After the completion of regular studies, students again sent to the compulsory Five-Six month real-life project-based industry internship name as Practice School – II. Under this, they realize the manifestation of theory in practice. The objective of this programme is to provide the students, an opportunity to work on live projects of the corporate world in various fields. During this programme, they will work on real-world applications of their curricula through the organizational function of their choice.

Essential practices for better learning

The learning of PS-1 helps them in completing PS-2 successfully. Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan has made both Practice Schools compulsory for each engineering student. However, as securing a graduate job is difficult, employers prefer to hire students with good internship experiences. This Practice School-I/II is an opportunity for students to gain valuable working experience. It also enhances their skills and knowledge to have an outstanding academic record which in turn helps them to have a greater chance of success for career and personal development. Which is highly interesting and rewarding.


Besides working in a professional condition, internships enrich ideas and perspectives of Engineering College in Jaipur. They will be able to compete with the professionals and job demand once graduate with these two Practice Schools which is unique.

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