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Arya College Cousellor Arun Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

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Arun College Cousellor Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Newsletter published annually and circulated among faculty and students. It is also posted on the college website. This institution not only believes in student’s academic development but also emphasizes on the co-curricular and extracurricular developments. Each department has its own Wall Magazine, Newsletter run by the students in association with faculty members, producing many good qualities of creative writing.



S. No. Technical Magazines / Newsletters Publisher : ACEIT
1 Arya Bulletin(College Annual Magazine) Dr. Shalini Bhargava
Ms. Falguni –4th year
Ms. Riddhi Kabra-4th year
Mr. Pranav Verma-4th year
2 Arya Beacon(CS/IT Dept. Quaterly Magazine) Dr. Vibhakar Pathak
Mr. Rakesh Ranjan
Mrs. Aarti Sharma
Mr. Shubham Dangi-4th year
Ms. Rupeshi Yadav -4th year
Ms. Sanchita Agarwal year 4th year
Ms. Mansi Yadav -4th year


Editorial Board 22-23
Publicity/Magazine Committee:

This committee 22-23 organizes publication of college magazines and regular communiqués stating about various activities and quality educational outcome.

Member List:

  1. Dr. Shalini Bhargava
  2. Dr. Vibhakar Pathak
  3. Mr. Rakesh Ranjan
  4. Anurag Vashnav-3rd year
  5. Pranav Divwedi --3rd year
  6. Tushar Bansal -3rd year
  7. Anushka Vyas-3rd year
  8. Rashmi Kumari-3rd year
  9. Durgesh Singh -3rd year
  10. Jahnwi-3rd year

Website Committee: A Website Committee is being formed with a faculty members:-

  1. Mr. Nagendra Singh and students
  2. Anurag Vashnav-3rd year ,
  3. Pranav Divwedi --3rd year

Departmental Wall Magazine Committee 22-23: Each department has its own structured Wall Magazine Committee,

  1. Dr. Vibhakar Pathak
  2. Mr. Nagendra Singh
  3. Mr. Rakesh Ranjan
  4. Mr. Tushar Bansal -3rd year
  5. Ms. Anushka Vyas-3rd year
  6. Ms. Rashmi Kumari-3rd year
  7. Mr. Durgesh Singh -3rd year
  8. Ms. Jahnwi-3rd year

The Editorial Board Includes:

  1. Dr. Vibhakar Pathak
  2. Mr. Rakesh Ranjan
  3. Mr. Shubham Dangi-4th year
  4. Ms. Rupeshi Yadav -4th year