Contact for Admission

Arya College Cousellor Arun Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Contact for Admission

Arun College Cousellor Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Cipher The Coding Club

Objective: The objectives of a coding club are to provide a platform for students to learn and develop skills in programming and computer science. The club can organize workshops, seminars, and training session to educate students about the basics of coding as well as more advanced programming concepts and techniques. These events can also provide opportunities for students to engage in hands on learning experiences and develop practical’s skills that can be applied in real world scenarios. Additionally, the club can provide a collaborative environment for students to work on coding projects together and receive mentorship and guidance from more experienced programmers.

1 Registration 4th May,2022
2 Cern Coding Contest 10th May,2022
3 Mobile & Web Development 23th May,2022
4 Cyber Security 22th May,2022
5 Starup And Project Competetion 25th May,2022
6 Cern 1.1 Coding Contest 27th May,2022
7 Cern 1.2 Coding Contest 17th July,2022
8 Cern 1.3 Coding Contest 28th September,2022
9 Cern 1.3.1 Coding Contest 28th September,2022
10 Logic Building 11th October,2022
11 Workshop On Placement/ Interview Prepration 14th November,2022
12 Cipher- Talk Around 8th December,2022
13 What Your Ide 15th December,2022
14 Workshop/Session On Q&A Session 19th December,2022
15 Cern 2.0 28thJanuary, 2023
16 Logic Building 2.0 25thFebruary, 2023
17 Startup And Project Competition 25thMarch,2023
18 Project Competition Ideas 29thApril,2023
19 Cern3.0 26th August, 2023.
20 Project Competition Ideas 30thSeptember,2023
21 Logic Building3.0 28thOctober, 2023
22 Project Competition 25thNovember, 2023
23 Workshop On Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security 23th December, 2023

Intelverse Club

Objective: The objectives of a coding club are to provide a platform for students to

Promote Awareness: Increase awareness and understanding of IoT technologies and their impact on various industries and daily life.

Skill Development: Provide opportunities for members to develop technical skills related to IoT, such as programming, data analytics, and hardware design.

Project Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration on IoT projects to give members hands-on experience and encourage the application of theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.
Workshops and Training: Organize workshops, training sessions, and guest lectures to keep members updated on the latest advancements in IoT technologies and trends

Additionally, these activities can give students the chance to participate in experiential learning and build transferable abilities that they can use in real-world situations.

1 IntelVerse Talk Around 25th April, 2022
2 Workshop on Fundamentals of IoT 12th May, 2022
3 Home Automation using IoT 26th May, 2022
4 One day workshop on IoT 18th October, 2022
5 Workshop on basics of IoT 8th December, 2022
6 Five days workshop on IoT 19th – 23rd December, 2022
7 Workshop on IOT Project IDeas 21th January, 2023
8 Workshop on Fundamentals of IoT 17th February, 2023
9 Workshop on Smart Building Automation using IoT 18th March, 2023
10 One day workshop on IoT 13th April, 2023
11 Workshop on IoT Application 19th August, 2023
12 Five days workshop on IoT 18thsept, 2023 to 22thsept,2023
13 Smart Irrigation System 19th Oct, 2023
14 Backscatter Communication Security in IoT 28th Nov, 2023
15 Future Trends and Innovations in IoT 16th Dec, 2023