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Must have smartphone apps for engineering students

Smartphone apps for engineering students

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. This is due to the availability of different apps. Earlier, phones were meant only for making calls and sending text messages. But today, smartphones have grown more adaptable and capable of doing a lot more.

When it comes to education at top engineering colleges in Jaipur, smartphones have become very popular for most students. Instead of having to carry bulky books, they can take various benefits of the multiple apps available for Engineering Courses. With just a few apps for engineering, students must now have a stable internet connection to gain access to useful information that will help them in their learning. There are some must-have smartphone apps that will help the engineering students through their course, they are as follows:

1. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The first app every engineering student of Top BTech Colleges should download the RealCalc smartphone apps. Unlike the normal calculators, this performs many types of calculations some of which are quite complex. Among the many types of calculations, this app can perform unit conversion, physics, log, hexadecimal conversion, and binary.

2. Software Engineering App

Software engineering has recorded the highest number of students in recent times. With the Software Engineering smartphone apps now available for download, IT students of Best Engineering Colleges will have a lot to enjoy here as the app comes with over 150 topics to study. With the app ready on your smartphone, engineering graduates will have a chance to learn more about problem analysis, project management, data flow and other programming related subjects without having to refer to their books.

3. TurboViewer

TurboViewer is designed for both Android and iOS, this smartphone apps allows students of engineering colleges Jaipur to manage files, view, customize usage, and share your content in both 2D and 3D formats. Designed to support Dropbox, email, and web downloads, the TurboViewer app will enable them to share your drawing with the rest of the app users for serious discussions.

4. Engineering Unit Converter

Unit Converter is readily available for both Android and iOS device users is the Engineering Unit Converter. It is designed with an intuitive spinning wheel, this smartphone apps will allow students of best engineering colleges in Jaipur choose a category ranging from the length, energy, and electrical charge among others. It does not require an internet connection to function.

5. Chegg Study

With the introduction of e-learning, students now have nothing to worry about as the Chegg Study app is here to the rescue. With such an app, students of BTech colleges in Jaipur will be able to communicate with their friends through text for more unique and detailed user involvement. Also, expert answers to numerous questions are available already. Designed for both Android and iOS, the Chegg Study app is what every engineering student must keep up to date.

6. Civil Engineering Dictionary

Similar to the rest of the apps, the Civil Engineering app will provide the students of top BTech colleges Jaipur the exact words that are mostly used in the Civil Engineering field. This smartphone apps will provide the necessary tutorials and lectures related to civil engineering making it the best app to consider for all your Civil Engineering needs.

7. Mechanical Engineer One

The Mechanical Engineer One app is designed with a simple user interface, e to solve enable individuals’ different problems over a wide range of fields such as Civil engineering, Electrical Engineering, Naval Architects, and HVAC engineering among others.

8. Wolfram Alpha

This app has been dubbed the Wikipedia of engineering by students of BTech colleges Rajasthan is a computational knowledge engine designed with the ability to answer engineering questions regardless of the users’ field. Users make use of the app by imputing questions related to their field of study and the Alpha takes over from there, scans its database as well as curated external sources in a bid to provide an accurate answer to the query.

9. iStudiez

You must be well aware of the scheduling progress of Evernote for working professionals, and Google Keep’s ability to keep your life in sync with emails and deadlines. iStudiez can be defined as a scheduling app with both Evernote and Google Keep’s features for students. The app is innovatively designed to provide an overview of school assignments, lab work, and projects on its interface to the users. Also, it supports the imputing of your grades in order to calculate your cumulative grade point average.

10. CamScanner

This mobile app just happens to be one of my personal favourites. The CamScanner is a document and image scanning app that provides the needed features to turn physical documents into digital ones to the students of best Engg colleges Jaipur.

With the CamScanner, users can take a photo of any document type, re-arrange its geometry, tamper with its aesthetics and upload or send the said file to anyone using various file formats. The app supports Word, Pdf, and JPG formats.

11. DropBox

There is really nothing to say about Dropbox since its features have been widely reviewed by almost every tech blog in the tech community. The app is a useful tool for BTech graduates working on bulky projects like CAD design, animation, robotics, etc. Dropbox provides every user with a large quantity of storage space for keeping files secure. Also, users can access saved files regardless of their location or device.

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