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Make money while in private engineering colleges

Develop professionalism during academics

Life as a student can get a little stressful considering the pressure from parents, classes, and peers. The rising cost of higher education further adds on to the anxiety. Students attempt to save as much as they can in order to keep up with growing needs. However, there are numerous ways in which one can earn money during days in private engineering colleges in Jaipur and have an enriched learning experience. Arya is one of the top engineering colleges in Jaipur. Under mentioned are some ways to earn:

Freelance Writing

As a student of best engineering colleges in Jaipur, one might have a habit of writing during classes and examinations. You can utilize this skill and earn money in return for high-quality writing. Freelance writing is a great way to earn money and if you are fortunate enough, you might even land a job or an internship. By creating rich content, you also advance your writing skills.

Paid Internships

With the help of the internet, students of Engineering colleges in Jaipur can land internships with the mere exchange of a couple of emails. Interning remotely will give you the option of interning for two different organizations at the same time. You will get a chance to learn and add value while earning money, all at the same time. You can get access to paid internships through your contacts. Also, you can use various internship portals and apply for any relevant opportunity in your area of expertise. For instance, writing, painting, coding, sales, digital marketing or any other field of interest.


During days at Arya Engineering College, you get to study numerous subjects. While you earn grades with all the effort that you put in these subjects, you also develop detailed subject knowledge over time. There will be someone or the other always struggling and willing to ask for help in a subject that you are an expert at. Hence, tutoring is a wonderful opportunity to help people and strengthen their teaching skills.

Website Development

Being a student also gives you an upper-hand in having technological expertise. It is not necessary that one has to be a pro at it, but everyone has an idea of basic coding. Students of B Tech colleges in Jaipur can get in touch with the local business owners and check if they need assistance in website development. Arya is the best B tech college in Jaipur. You can make use of this skill and monetize it while growing your professional network at the same time.

Work-Study Jobs

Arya 1st Old Campus offers numerous jobs on campus where students work, study and learn. You can be an assistant at the library while honing additional skills and earning pocket money. The best part about Work-Study jobs is that the universities are flexible enough to allow you to work around your class timetable.

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