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Job opportunities in technology sector

Technology Jobs for Engineering Students

In the highly competitive job market, most of the companies are putting every possible effort to attract top tech talent. It also helps in filling the most in-demand roles of 2021 which ranges from data-focused to security-related positions. There are different factors that get influenced by the starting salary of the company, including location, competition, budgets, corporate culture, etc. So, there are some major technology jobs profiles that are in great demand in 2021.

The technology sector is very exciting, but some specific skill sets are required more than others. Under given are some specialized technology jobs for the students of Engineering Colleges Jaipur that are expected to be in strong demand for the foreseeable future.

1. Database Administrator

Database administrators or DBAs manage the data of an organization. They ensure that efficient run of databases and are completely secure from unauthorized users. Also, DBAs are responsible for organizing the data of a company and storing it efficiently. However, this technology job requires a bachelor’s degree in management information systems (MIS) or a computer-related field from a Top Engineering College in India.

Moreover, DBAs require an understanding of database languages. The most common among all is Structured Query Language which is also known as SQL. A DBA must be familiar with a type of programming language that an employer uses.

2. Software Developers

A software developer is the creative mind behind a computer program. Some software developers create applications, whereas others build systems. Usually, they work alongside computer programmers. But software developers typically require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a computer-related field from a Best BTech College in India. In some cases, a mathematical degree is also acceptable.

However, A traditional academic education is not always a requirement in today’s online coding boot camps and other unconventional learning systems.

3. Web Developer

Web application developers mainly use programming languages in order to create online software that meets client specifications. A developer may work in multiple operating systems and programming languages. Typically, employers look for computer-related education and also, work experience. A formal degree is not always required with a great demand for these skills. A prospective web application developer has the most coding boot camp courses available to the students at BTech Colleges Rajasthan.

4. Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts investigate the computer systems and procedures of a company. Also, the design or revamp them to make the organization operate more efficiently. The CS Analysts must have an understanding of needs and limitations of both business and information technology (IT). Their responsibility mainly includes consulting with managers and helps them to determine IT-related needs.

Most computer systems analysts require a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field from best engineering college in Rajasthan. Although they work closely with the business side, but also requires a business background through experience or education.

5. Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers create new products or adapt existing ones for use on tablets and phones. Creative companies across industries now recognize mobile as a powerful content distribution channel. It includes video game studios, advertising, and marketing firms. Also, Developers are in demand from government agencies, financial institutions, and industries that require more prosaic products to make their operations run more efficiently.

Mobile app developer is the top job of today’s market. Most requires a background in software engineering or computer science. Now, some BTech colleges Jaipur offer degrees in mobile app development.

6. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts help companies to understand what products people want, who will buy them, and at what price. They collect data on products and consumers, analyse the findings, and prepare reports for use by their clients and colleagues.

Professionals in this job come from different backgrounds. Some requires degrees in statistics, math, or computer science while others have backgrounds in business administration, the social sciences, or communications.

7. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts basically coordinate and execute measures in order to protect the computer networks and systems of an organization. In such positions, a defining characteristic of people is adaptability to change because a security breach can occur at any time.

Most information security analysts have complete computer education. It includes a bachelor’s in computer science, programming, or a related discipline from Top Engineering College in Jaipur. Keeping this demand in mind, colleges are responding with majors in information security.

8. Network or cloud administrator

Network administrators are responsible for handling LAN/WAN protocol, hardware and software. Cloud administrators are responsible for handling cloud initiatives. Also, the networking services and applications support cloud initiatives in the company. Both of these positions spend a lot of time troubleshooting. Typically, they need to be on call in case of an emergency or failure. What you look for inexperience is completely depend on extensive network needs. There are certain skills and certifications that can help the company find the most qualified workers.

9. Help desk and desktop support professionals

For customer-facing businesses, the help desk is significant part of running an efficient business. With the first line of defense for customer service and troubleshooting, help desk workers requires having the right technical and soft skills for the job. Professionals in this field broke out the role of help desk technician into three tiers, as the job requirements and description can vary significantly based on the business.


If students of engineering colleges India select a career in technology, they must consider specializing in the skills needed for some of these important and career-oriented jobs. So, in today’s world, they have lots of power.

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