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Job opportunities for Machine Learning Graduates in 2021

Career Opportunities in Machine Learning

Machine Learning has grown to be one of the top emerging technologies in the world today. Recruiters are looking to hire individuals of Top Engineering Colleges Jaipur with machine learning skills and knowledge and offer them a good salary. The demand for graduates with machine learning skills has increased immensely. As a fresher, an individual must be wondering what the various machine learning job roles are, and which companies are currently hiring. Some of the interesting career options for someone who has completed a Machine Learning course are as follows:

1. Data Scientist

A data scientist is a professional who does number crunching and data analysis to come up with a solution for a unique problem that an organisation may be facing. Today, a good data scientist is behind every successful organisation. There are certain factors that influences you to be a data scientist apart from your degree including:

  • Programming skills – There is no data science without pursuing programming. One needs to know to program in certain languages, which are popular as Artificial Intelligence like Python, R, Java. SQL, too, plays an important role in a data scientist’s job.
  • Statistics – Data Science is nothing but number crunching using scientific methods. Therefore, some knowledge and a knack for statistical methods will certainly be helpful for the students of Top BTech Colleges.
  • Information analysis – Processed data usually becomes information. Therefore, a data scientist must sieve through large number of data and cleanse it, inspect it and stack it into models that can be fed into the system. A data scientist’s job is complex because he/she is responsible for creating an AI process that can function as a decision-making tool.

2. Computational Linguist

Converting a speech to text is not an uncommon activity. There are various applications available online which can do that. The Translate applications on Google work on the same parameter. It can translate either a recorded speech or a human conversation. It would not have been possible for a machine to read, comprehend and process a speech into text and then back to speech for a computational linguist.

All voice recognition software requires a computational linguist’s expertise to build them. A Computational Linguist requires very strong knowledge of programming and linguistics by the students of top computer science engineering college. It is a high paying one and in great demand too.

One needs to have a strong understanding of a language, its functions, syntax, grammar, pronunciation, and many other aspects to teach the same to a system. A Computational Linguist must know how a human being can use a language and the nuances to incorporate the same in a computer to comprehend without human intervention. A computational linguist must create rules and reproduce natural speech capability in a machine using machine learning.

Applications like voice assistants (Siri, Alexa), Translate apps (like Google Translate), data mining, paraphrasing, grammar checks, talk to text and back apps, etc., use computational linguistics.

3. Human Centred Machine Learning Experts

Machine Learning is based on teaching machines to identify patterns from data and predict outcomes without being “programmed.” In Human Centred Machine Learning, the systems combine data-driven answers with human-centric thinking models to predict outcomes. Practically, all social media feeds work on the Human-centered Machine Learning model.

4. Business Intelligence Developer

A Business Intelligence developer of best engineering colleges in Jaipur has a strong background in Machine Learning and Data Science based applications and develops and studies business and market trends. They work with complex data and design them into models that help a business to grow. A Business Intelligence Developing professional has a very high demand in the current market where every business is ready to invest a fortune on remaining effective and efficient and above their competitors.

The most essential skill required by a Business Intelligence Developer is their business acumen. It determines a good Business Intelligence Developer from an average one. Also, they must have a strong problem-solving ability and a natural knack for statistical methods.

5. Machine Learning Engineer

At the heart of all Machine Learning jobs lies data science and research. All Artificial Intelligence projects of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur require Machine Learning engineers. They must create an algorithm using data that helps a system become artificially intelligent. A good ML expert requires good programming knowledge, Strong knowledge IDE tools, experience with cloud applications, knowledge of neural networks, deep learning techniques, which are also ways to “teach” a system along with the strong analytical skills.

The average salary for a machine learning engineer of Engg colleges could start somewhere between Rs 8,00,000 to 15,00,000 per year. It can go up to any amount depending on experience and the company’s pay scale. There are various job opportunities available in this field. Some of the high paying and highly in-demand jobs are discussed above. But with every passing day, newer opportunities are coming up. More and more students and professionals are making an option of pursuing a course in machine learning. Software engineers, computer scientists, IT professionals, and even those working in non-technical backgrounds are moving into Machine Learning to make the most of the tide.

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