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Is Engineering Admissions a big Turnover?

Engineering Admissions

In the earlier days, around 70% of the students gain Engineering Admissions at IITs or other private engineering colleges in India and settled abroad. This trend of mass export of some of the most brilliant minds was then termed as brain drain. Pre -liberalized had a different face during those days. A lack of opportunities in the country due to the absence of big private sector companies forced a large number of students into a government job at a PSU or a job abroad.

For this reason, students of engineering colleges considered education financing to be a mock as the taxpayers were essentially funding the progress of foreign countries. For students who have shifted abroad leave no opportunities for growth in India. The Western countries heading into the tech revolution and Indian engineers considered essential to filter this movement properly.

After gaining top-class education at a subsidized fee, engineering aspirants expected to stay and work in the country. On the other hand, the one single law of engineering is that the scope of every branch is decided by its core industry.

After liberalization in India, this problem gets solved. With the gathering of private companies and previously dormant countries into India, engineers of top private engineering colleges did not even feel the compulsion to leave the country for work. Many returning Indians have started numerous startups in India based on their experience. While working for the biggest companies in the world; they gain growth and commencing the largest period of economic growth in independent India’s history.

Engineering Admissions- Is it worth it?

Aspirants who were not able to make it to the best engineering college usually ask whether engineering admissions are worth it or not. In the present climate of the education sector, private engineering colleges are charging nearly 8-10 lakhs over four years of the BTech courses.

Pursuing engineering admission is worth it if engineering is the passion of students. Many students who find it hard to compete during engineering admissions entrance exams excel during college. The admission exams or entrance exams are completely different. In a more relaxed and moderated environment, students of engineering colleges sometimes sprinkle and realize their true talents.

In this case, pursuing engineering admissions even from a small college is worth the risk and effort. Most of the time, students pursue engineering admissions has the fear of being left out and has become a growing trend in India. For the past 10-12 years, many students pursuing engineering admissions have been saved by the boom of the IT sector. Even, below par engineer from sub-standard colleges had also got placements in IT companies due to massive demand for manpower in the sector.

With the increase in technology companies, nobody can ensure the guaranteed placements of engineering students in the companies. Engineering is slowly changing gears and moving towards automation and robotics. These fields specialized in their respective areas and require top draw technical engineers from the Top BTech College in Rajasthan.

Postgraduate Programs

In India, One of the reasons attributed before for a lack of research output was below par funding from the government. Also, our country falls behind due to the lack of quality PG programs offered by Top MTech Colleges in India.

Top Engineering Colleges across the nation barely manage to compete in UG education. But the trend abroad is to concentrate more on PG education rather than UG to meet the demand for expertise in specific areas of tech and science.

In India, many students do not even consider masters of technology as the right course for their career due to a lack of facilities for research and development. GATE is another engineering admissions exam that many engineers strive to clear after their graduation. However, a majority of aspirants pursue MTech courses for the pride of getting into Top Engineering Colleges.

Today, students are more focused on competing for engineering admissions and working right out of college. The notion of doing an MTech from Best Engineering Colleges comes only as a resume-building exercise. Like many other problems, this goes back to the way our education system is designed. If the value of innovation and free thought is not encouraged from the moment a child steps into a school. He/she will never learn how to tackle different challenges even during their graduation days.


Engineering admissions have been considered a field of instant gratification. People believe the fact that a student could be earning big bucks right after completing graduation. This process is tempting to put many students into the shark tank of engineering admissions. In reality, it is completely different.

Engineering is an extremely technical course. It has the ability to bring all the energy out of a student. Who does not have an aptitude for science? Many third and fourth-year students sometimes found regretting wasting good years of their youth pursuing engineering admissions.

Regret may be a part of life, but a decision that essentially decides the course of someone’s professional career should dictate more importance than it does now. The unabated marketing campaigns of 100% placements and assured job after graduation killing young engineers. Many even take education loans for engineering admissions believing they will be easily paid even during their job. In order to put it boldly, people are selling colleges in their country.

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