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Interview questions for Computer Science Engineering

Software testing question/answers for career success

Although the main job of software testers of Computer Science Engineering is to perform testing activities in different phases of a project, especially when it comes to testing their own skills, students lack choosing an appropriate approach in most of the cases. Arya is one of the Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur.

Facing an interview as experienced software tester requires you to fully prepare in terms of understanding the job profile thoroughly and checking the requirements in terms of experience.

There are some questions that are generally asked to the experienced testers of computer science engineering at an interview:

Compare Software Testing Vs. Debugging

The main goal of Software testers of computer science engineering is to find an error or bug. There is no need for design knowledge. It processes under known conditions, predefined methods and expected outcomes. While

The main goal of debugging is to find a cause for an error or bug. However, it requires full design knowledge and it works with unknown conditions, not present method and unpredictable outcome.

Explain Monkey testing

Monkey testing is a technique of testing software which allows the application to perform testing by ingesting inputs randomly by the students of private engineering colleges in Jaipur. However, this test does not follow any pre-defined set of rules. It mainly checks the behavior of the application.

What is the difference between benchmark testing and baseline?

A Baseline testing runs a set of tests in order to determine the performance while the benchmark testing compares the performance of the application with the industrial standards. Baseline testing strives to improve performance by making use of collected information by the students of top engineering colleges in Rajasthan while the benchmark testing seeks to improve the performance by matching it with the suitable benchmarks.

Explain the bug life cycle

Whenever a tester finds a bug, the bug assigns NEW or OPEN in its status. It assigns to the managers of the development project who will analyze the bug. Students of Best B Tech College in Jaipur can check the valid defect in this. If not valid, the bug gets reject and start showing status as “REJECT”.

Now, the tester will check whether a similar defect raises earlier or not. If not, it assigns a status of “DUPLICATE”. After fixing the bug, the defect assigns as “FIXED”. Later the tester will re-test the code. If the test case passes, the defect is CLOSED. If the test case fails again, the bug is RE-OPENED and assign to the developer.

How can we perform Spike testing in JMeter?

JMeter comes with a synchronizing timer. It can handle the requests of multiple threads by the students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur. It is able to get the required number of threads and release them at once to cause a spit.

What is Silk Test?

Silk Test is a tool that develops for performing regression and functionality testing of the application. It uses when students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur are testing the applications based on Java, Windows, Web or traditional client/server. It prepares the test plan and manages the same in order to provide direct access to field validation and databases.


In conclusion, different topics of Functional Testing are described so that any person who is preparing for the interview can easily understand the topic and remember them as well.

These Functional Testing Interview Questions and Answers will guide you to clear any interview successfully with full confidence.

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