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Interesting facts about the names of some technologies

The surprising details of technology for Engg College grads

Technologies keep on updating every day. It is significant for the students of Engg College to know about it. Every technology features interesting facts based on the creation of their name. Undermentioned are some:


Bluetooth is named with the influence of Danish King from 10th He was personally responsible for the unification of some countries. It includes Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. King Harald Blatland’s harmonize tooth- staining due to blueberries. It gave the name Bluetooth. Centuries ago, he successfully united different cultures.

Similarly, Bluetooth technology has united the realms of today’s electronic devices. It includes the resounding success for the students of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur. As a wireless tip of the King Blatland, the Bluetooth technology has embraced the runic alphabetic characters. It includes both H and B as its logo.

iPod “Open the pod bay door, Hal”

During the development of Apple’s MP3 player by the professionals of Top Engineering Colleges, Steve Jobs explains its strategy. It says that the Mac is a hub to other gadgets. Vinnie Chieco was a freelance copywriter of Apple and hire to help name the gadget before its launching in 2001.

He brainstormed hubs of all kinds and came to the concept of a spaceship which says, “You could leave it, but you would have to return to refuel”. This protocol inspired the final connection for the pod, a la 2001. You just add an “i” and the connection to the iMac was complete.

Windows 7: Counting on the Power of 7

While Microsoft’s next OS is kind of a “Ho-hum” name, individuals of B Tech Colleges has only to look at what happened with the most recent Windows. Does it release to understand why Microsoft might have gone back to a tried-and-true naming philosophy: Vista? Both Windows 95 and XP have done much better.

Mike Nash from Microsoft announced the name Windows 7, as it was the seventh release of Windows. He believes that number 7 will deliver on its promise of luck.

Red Hat Linux: A Name Rich with Meaning

Bob Young, the co-founder has given multidimensional origins of the red fedora name. It includes:

  1. It was named after red. In Western history, it is the symbol of liberation and challenge of authority.
  2. Cofounder Marc Ewing wore his grandfather’s red Cornell lacrosse hat in Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur and became known for this tech expertise. It declares that those with problems can see the guy in the red hat.
  3. Ewing gave the name of the software projects in the form of Red Hat 1, Red Hat 2 and so on. So, at the beginning of the Linux project, he just named it Red Hat Linux.

Mac OS X and “The Big Cats” Catlike Sleekness and Style

The popular Apple Mac operating system X denotes the Roman numeral 10, since it is the OS’s tenth release, following Mac OS 9. To the ire of Apple fanboys, students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur do refer to it as letter ‘X.’ More interestingly, it has been the “big cat” code names assigned to each succeeding X. However, it releases that have stuck with Apple’s marketing. It includes Cheetah (10.0), Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, and current kitty Leopard. Snow Leopard has been assigned for the release of 10.6 versions. It has the rumors that Lynx and Cougar are basically in the works.

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