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Integrate Social media with education

The curriculum of Best engineering colleges in Jaipur

In earlier days, social networking is not a great concern of educationalists. They only focus on defining learners for unsuitable activities on social media platforms like Facebook, etc. but in today’s time, students and teachers of Best engineering colleges in Jaipur are using social networking sites at the higher level. It has become the most important part of their lives. In most of the schools and colleges, mobile phones have been forbidden from using social media platforms during their schools time. But with the advent of time, students are taking different method by familiarizing social media in the educational sector.

The learners and educators are pushing learning beyond the classroom limits through social networking. Sometimes it brings obstacles for the students of top engineering colleges. For instance, various numbers of schools do not have access to the internet. Under mentioned are some pros and cons of using social media within education:

Pros of using social media in education

  • Educational Tool – In today’s time, learners are very much confident in social networking technologies. Teachers of Engg colleges Jaipur can avail the benefits of this understanding in order to improve the learning of the students. By using social media websites, educators in different areas create meaningful dialogue, exchange ideas, foster collaboration and boost the interaction of students.
  • Increase student collaboration – Social media provides an individual platform to the learners of top private engineering colleges Rajasthan to increase the interaction with one another based on the projects and assignments. It is the most operative method that upsurge the engagement of the students in the learning process. Also, it improves their communication skills. There are students who feel hesitation in answering a question in a classroom. Therefore, it makes them feel more comfortable to express their views.
  • Encourage student partnership – Students who do not attend classes on a regular basis can easily express their opinions through social media. In some cases, it will not swap the class participation but support to increase the assurance and inspiration of students of Best B Tech College in Jaipur to find their voice.

Cons of using social media in education

  • It can be an interruption – Social media in the classroom creates a distraction for the students of Best engineering colleges Rajasthan from their studies. Social media platforms like Facebook turn away the attention of students from what is happening in the class. On the whole, it affects the learning process.
  • Cyberbullying – Social media offers a good way to both the students and teachers of Arya Engineering College to connect. On the other hand, it can be a weapon of bitter behavior. Social media makes it easier for students to bully or abuse their peers or even their teachers.
  • Lack of head-on Communication – The real-time online stream creates a safe platform for the learners to express themselves. But some educators of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur feels those students are missing valuable lessons in real-life skills. For social life and personal relationships, students require expressing efficiently and joining with others.


There are some advantages and disadvantages of using social networking in the educational sector. Therefore, a question arises, should social media allow in education? There are some negative impacts also that use social media but still, they are used for educational purposes. You must make research and prepare a plan before allowing social media to your students in the classroom.

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