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Important Edtech startups to shape your future

How startups are revolutionizing educational technology world

Fresh educational technology startups (Edtech startups) mark an important place in today’s world. However, experts encounter innovations that can really level up the productiveness of students and teachers. With the right tools, the classroom can become a motivational setting that inspires every student and teacher to give their best. The following tools are some of the most successful recent educational technology concepts that can achieve that.


There is the biggest reason, why history is the least favorite subject of many students. This is because the textbooks are too “textual” and boring. However, learning facts and dates about significant historical events is complex. But there are some applications like “HSTRY” that makes this information more fun than ever. It enables the students to visualize the studying material, collaborate through the cool social features and engage each other in team projects.


This is one of the most significant tools for college applicants. Most of the students are not aware of their career goals or what they wanted to do after finishing high school. There are too many options to choose which confuses them fully. Since an applicant cannot visit all engineering colleges they are interested in, they can use Campuscene to get a close feeling of the campus environment of different schools. Also, they can learn about the programs and facilities and make the final decision.


This learning and teaching platform has captured a lot of attention after its launching. With the development of the materials on the basis of behavioral analytics, they help the learners to understand their strengths and weaknesses and improve their performance. This adaptive learning management system also improves the capacity of teachers.


Today, students often find it difficult to complete all the requested papers of their professors. Since the curriculums are too challenging, all students need an assisting tool that will enable them to submit flawless papers. It does not matter how short their deadlines are. With this application, students can get professional writing consulting services and editing assistance that will result in 100% plagiarism-free papers ready for submission.


Solving math problems has always been challenging for students. Therefore, students of Computer Science Engineering at B Tech Colleges in Jaipur have introduced an application known as CueThink. This is a peer-to-peer app for iPads that inspires students to implement creative thinking into math problem solving and learn from the mistakes they make. Teachers from all around the world rely on this application when they want to prove to their students that math can be approached with enthusiasm.


There are applications like EssayMinions to help students with all their academic writing assignments. It will make their life easier. The professional writers at this website can write any type of content, and their assistance is useful for both students and teachers.


Career services are rarely efficiently promoted at Top Engineering Colleges and universities. This tool changes the promotional approach by creating custom websites and recruiting applications. It results in better job search services for the students of the particular school. However, the marketing and communication tools of uConnect enable the staff members of career centers to reach their students with less effort and greater efficiency.

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