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How smart city technologies impact education?

The role of Engg College education in facilitating smart cities

With the advent of time and introduction of new technologies, our world is growing in every term. In other words, it is converting into “Smart Cities”. Smart cities use technology by Engg College to better population’s living experiences, operating as one big data-driven ecosystem.

Data collection will be at the heart of the smart city. Data will be collected from transport systems, residents, and other city infrastructure. However, it will reveal the patterns in behavior or inefficient use of resources. Their main aim of the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur is to use this information to improve the living conditions for citizens. Amongst other things, data collection will result in notifications on the best times and the best routes to travel, personal energy usage, etc. There are several ways which show how urban data collection could affect education and benefits schools.

An array of Things (AoT)

The biggest example of how urban data collecting can affect B Tech Colleges in Jaipur is an Array of Things (AoT). This project has installed data-collection sensors around the city. High school students in neighborhoods create a different version of data collection devices during their science class. It aims at comparing data for collecting the city’s data. In this way, the students are able to increase their STEM skills and learn more about their own communities.

Decreased asthma attacks amongst students

The data collection helps the students of schools and Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to reschedule their operations by decreasing their sufferings from asthma or fewer attacks. Some of the districts here have high rates of asthma. However, tracking wind patterns, experts can pinpoint floating pollen in the air and inform schools and colleges accordingly. Schools can then adjust the time's students enter and exit schools.

Introduction of GPS tracking devices on buses

Students of Best Engineering College in Rajasthan had taken an initiative of rolling out GPS tracking devices on all the buses of schools and colleges. It aims to monitor their routes and so parents will know where their children are. In addition, public transportation data will allow officials to monitor the bus used by the students so they can let parents know when the bus is coming, or why it is late.

Sharing school data

Some school districts with tight budgets are partnering with local government and other local organizations to obtain valuable student data. However, it will help them in making informed decisions about the most beneficial programs for their students.

One such data-sharing agreement has helped them to improve their reading skills. Tutors were provided with real-time information on students’ reading levels, so they were able to provide a more targeted program for each student. However, this data will describe the benefits they get from a small reading group or one-on-one coaching.

Data analytics can be used to measure all manner of essential data points. It will ultimately lead to improved safety and better learning outcomes for students. Also, schools have successfully used data to improve attendance rates and student’s engagement.

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