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How considering a career in tech sales can be a right choice?

How considering a career in tech sales

Today, people generally assume that learning to code is essential to unlocking the lucrative pay checks and growth opportunities offered by the tech industry. Some of them find a profitable and satisfying career writing code, while other prefers the people side of tech.

While the term ‘sales’ may ask for the idea of an ‘aggressive car salesman,’ the modern software salesperson is much different. Professionals of Top Engineering College in Rajasthan find career success in (tech sales) software sales, and get high earnings by working in software engineering or other technical positions.

What Does “SaaS Sales” Mean?

SaaS or Software as a Service sales means selling software products that have a subscription pricing model. While some software solutions are simple and self-explanatory, many business solutions are complex and specialized because they are built with industry-specific functions in mind.

Tech sales professionals do not need to know how the code inside their company’s software works. They just need to know how companies can use it to solve their issues. In other words, they help clarify what is causing the most painful issues, or pain points, and show how their software fixes them. In today’s economic turmoil, getting the right tools and getting them first could be one of the key factors for the students of best engineering colleges in Jaipur differentiating a company from its competitors.

There are some major sales process stages, along with an example of a salesperson’s role in each:


Prospecting is the first stage. It involves researching and getting in contact with the right people at the right companies who are most likely to have a need for your product. Of course, even before reaching out to a client, students of Engineering Colleges in India need to understand their product and prospects’ needs well. In this way, they can showcase how they might implement this solution.


Qualifying involves asking a few key questions to find out if your business product matches the prospect’s needs. Expert-level product and industry knowledge help the students of BTech Colleges in Rajasthan know what to ask.


Discovery is where your prospect gets to see the software in the right action. Also, the product expertise lets an individual answer in-depth questions and clarify deal-breakers. While an AE usually handles this stage, some multirole SDRs also do demonstrations.


The Advisory stage is exactly what it sounds like. It helps you advising your potential client on which solution fits their needs best. This typically means a specific configuration or subscription level.

What is a career in software sales like?

The future of tech industry relies heavily on the skills of the people. Before deciding if software sales (tech sales) are the right career path for engineering graduates, let’s delve deeper into what to expect in a software sales career.

Salary and Benefits

Software sales professionals at some places in the world earns around $76,769 a year in just base pay. Besides, the commissions, bonuses, and profit-sharing with base pay add up to an average total of $139,489 per year.

Another biggest advantage of choosing this career includes variety, since no prospect is exactly the same. Students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur can still work regular 40-hour work weeks when they learn what (and who) to focus on. On an average day, an individual will research new prospects based on their Ideal Customer Profile and reach out to them via email, LinkedIn, or phone, while following up with people already in the industry. On the other hand, a software sales (tech sales) career sometimes offers remote working flexibility that every professional does not enjoy.

Must-have traits for SaaS sales

The common belief is that sales positions are only for extroverts with a gift for gab. Anyone can have a successful career in sales if solving people’s problems excites them. Today, salespeople are more than just sellers, instead they are the product experts, solutions advisors, and enterprise-level consultants. To master those roles, salespeople must cultivate these traits if they want to succeed:

Communication skills

This skillset can be great for the students of best BTech colleges, since asking good questions, listening, writing, and speaking are all must-haves to gain trust, show them understand their prospects’ needs, and present solutions. Knowing different personality types and how-to tailor what they say and how they say it can gain or break trust.

Problem-solving skills

After showing a prospect that students of BTech colleges in Jaipur understand his problems, they need to explain how your software can solve each of those problems. This takes creativity. For instance, they may need to bring in help from the technical team or give examples of other similar customers their company has helped.

Ability to accept criticism

The road to success as a SaaS salesperson is not paved with perfect people or clients.

A passion for study and learning

Students of btech colleges India have to know their product inside and out and keep up with updates. Also, they need to constantly train on the latest tools, since they make them more productive every day. Mastering their sales techniques with daily practice is also crucial. Looking outside the company, an individual will need to study their prospects to figure out their needs, and which features will work best for them.

Being data-driven and having organizational skills

As a SaaS salesperson, an individual will need to juggle multiple leads and opportunities at various stages. Since nobody has a perfect memory, they will need to use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, which records data every time they contact a prospect and lets them see that data in convenient reports.

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