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How communication technology is changing the hiring process

Ways technology has changed recruitment

In the earlier days, the business was conducted out of one office, where everyone met at the same time in the morning to start the workday. Meetings conducted in conference rooms were the way of the world and the way that works got done. Colleagues bonded over the coffee machine and the water cooler. And when 5:00 p.m. hit, everyone went home to their lives and their families, where they forgot about work until the next morning.

With the advent of time, communication technology has changed so many things. Technological recruitment companies enable us to work in multiple locations via email throughout the world. Chat applications allow employees to bond over much more than just coffee. Moreover, the constant access to the Internet means the workday no longer ends when employees leave the office. The world of work has changed. As a result, the way we treat our employees must change too.

Working in the digital age

In today’s world, access to chat applications, video conferencing, and social platforms are commonplace in our personal lives. Students of Engineering Colleges all over cannot imagine living without iMessage, FaceTime, and Instagram. These types of applications have become widespread, businesses are beginning to recognize their usefulness and adopt the technology for their teams. This has increased employee productivity with an average of 25%.

There are some applications that are regularly becoming frequent. It includes Slack, BlueJeans, and Workplace by Facebook, OneDrive, and others. This is only because of the technologies invented by the students of the Top Engineering Colleges. Companies are seeing the benefit of allowing employees to work remotely.

On the other hand, if team collaboration and communication can happen regardless of location, there is no meaning to limit employees with only a single geographical location. If talent can find in other areas like B Tech Colleges or MBA Colleges in Jaipur, companies can get benefit from their skills, even if they are not willing to relocate.

Today, companies looking to hire top talent must span geographical and cultural boundaries. They must find ways to help these people see the company’s location as their new home. Using social media and other technology to source, interview, and hire talent is the new norm and recruiters must be willing and able to adapt to using these technologies to meet talent where they are.

Hiring in the digital age

Just as meetings are no longer confined to the boardroom, hiring any longer happens solely in the office. Short phone interviews are becoming increasingly common, as employers typically have far more qualified job applicants than they can interview face-to-face. With the wide availability of video conferencing technology, companies are increasingly conducting initial interviews over the video. It will qualify people before they bring into the office. Most candidates of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur are aware of this change and willing to complete this process before the on-site interview.

Success in the digital age

In the last decade, the world of work was much different. Those companies that did not adapt to new technologies and use them to their benefit are either no longer in. Now that the nature of work is changing at higher rates, it is becoming increasingly important to adapt to the world of work as it stands today. Employees are demanding opportunities to work from where they wish. Also, organizations must provide the tools they need to be successful.

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