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How can you define creativity in the 21st-century classroom?

How creativity acts as a stepping stone

In a competitive world, it is important to develop basic literacy and numerical skills. Students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur must have a broad basis of knowledge in the sciences and the arts. They must also develop analytical skills and good judgment, social and physical skills along with creative skills additionally.

While talking about creativity, the majority of people focus on painting pictures, singing songs and staging shows. In other words, the arts are creative. However, it is time to broaden the scope of creativity in schools and colleges and indeed in the education system.

Researchers have found that creative competencies are teachable and learnable. We are now living in times where more and more people are recognizing the immense value of creativity at the workplace and in life. In the process of integrating creativity in education in practice, educators are faced with a number of key challenges:

How can we teach our own subject matter more creatively?

Teachers are called to go beyond the classic examining mode to introduce new ways of teaching. For this, they use tools different from their experience in their own formal learning.

How can we best teach the creative method?

Creative methods take challenges that have many solutions. This will help teachers to define new ways to the students of Top Engineering Colleges. It will also help them to invent imaginative solutions to resolve them. Today, some of the methods are available to the students. However, it includes creative problem solving, six thinking hats, TRIZ, Synectics, etc. Colleges are using formally teaching programs in their teaching patterns by promoting team collaboration. It can be done through a partnership with companies, public organizations, communities, NGOs to help solve real-world problems.

How can we develop our students’ creative skills?

With the availability of issues based on creative competencies, it is possible to improve young people’s skills of idea fluency, flexibility, association, synthesis along with critical evaluative skills. However, creative competencies can best develop with creative problem-solving methodologies.

How do we make our system more creative?

People know enough about organizational structures and cultures with further innovation. It is time to consciously promote innovation by fostering the systems and climates that favor creativity. A good place to begin is to mobilize teachers to creatively confront the specific challenges of their institutes, in addition to creatively teaching their own subject matter.

How do we make our educational system more creative?

There are are many challenges in formalizing creative ways of teaching subjects and in the teaching creativity itself. This formalization should come high on the agenda of any educational establishment – school, community, region, state or country.

How might we best use new technology in our teaching?

As cyberspace evolves, educational institutions must ensure they are up-to-date with the technical and social aspects of new technologies so as to exploit them to further learning.

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