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How Biology Students of Top Engineering Colleges can combine big data?

Learn the professional master's program in Computer Science at Engineering Colleges

In the life sciences, data is available in different forms. It includes information about molecular pathways, genomic sequences, and different populations of people for the students of Top Engineering Colleges. This data creates a potential bonanza so that the scientist can overcome the problem of handling the data complexity. There are certain tools and techniques that help to analyze big data and molds massive amounts of information into a better understanding of biological mechanisms. It also considers seeing how to apply the results, for instance, health care.

The concept of Big Data

Big data is the trending concept in today’s world and is highly misleading. It consists of three V’s including the velocity of processing the data, the volume of data and variability of data sources.

When Big Data meets biology and experts of Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan understand insights from the data to solve a biological issue, it becomes bioinformatics. The emerging field which is relatively new to India is expected to garner big money in the coming years. After all, the rising demand for drug development and discovery, the increasing focus in genomics and proteomics are all adding up to the demand for bio-informaticians in the global market.


Top Engineering College in Jaipur is offering bioinformatics through computer science engineering courses. It allows students to learn biotech, computer science, mathematics, and statistics. However, the program is designed in line with the current trends at Top 10 Engineering Colleges. The supercomputing center at Arya amalgamates the new age technologies. They include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide better analysis and interpretation. Arya is also one of the Best Engineering Colleges.


Bioinformatics includes the development and storage methods that help the students of B Tech Colleges to organize, analyze and retrieve biological data. Thus, the bio-informaticians can create computational infrastructure for the storage of the biological datasets. Also, they develop computational algorithms, and mathematical models for the interpretation datasets, and design applications in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical and IT sectors.

The graduates in bioinformatics can absorb in diverse industries. The job profile of bioinformatics graduates can be different in different phases. It includes bioinformatics programmer, computational biologist, a scientific software engineer in bioinformatics, clinical research associate. It also includes a clinical data specialist, scientific systems manager, bioinformatics specialist, and data analyst, etc.

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