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How Arya College of Engineering marked its victory?

A shocking record in the news & press

Students designed the one-seater car

Automobile engineer, Asrar Ali invented the designer car with F-1 concept in the 22 years of age. He developed this interest from the automobile workshop of his father. After all, he has got the inspiration from the seniors at Arya College of Engineering. In an interview, he says that the car is having an engine of 796 CC, similar to that of Maruti 800 and its average is 23-25 kilometers. Arya is one of the best engineering colleges in Jaipur.

The car invention was his college project. He experimented this design with ice-cream sticks, electric pipes and later finalizes it with the computer-aided designing software. The design incurred the cost of 1.70 lakh in total. IT took 90 days to plan and execute the design. The engine of the car is at the back and the tires are rear from the front. The design is similar to the aerodynamics that helps to control the speed of the car. It can run up to 90-100 kilometers in an hour. He named his car as “Shah Rider”.

Talent exhibition in the tech fest

Arya College of engineering and IT organizes technical fest at Arya 1st Old Campus every year. In addition, the two-day festival of Exergie was inaugurated by chief guest Ruhani Arora from Microsoft India. She observed 200 applications prepared by the students within the event. Also, the Chairman of the best engineering college in Jaipur, Dr. Anurag Agarwal inaugurated the application prepared by the college in the name of “Arya App. However, the fest comprised of various technical competitions including Episteme, Blind Coding, Scrapper, Golden Goal, Techno-mystify, Maneuver, mad act, etc.

Becomes an entrepreneur at an early age

Student of the computer science engineering department of best computer science engineering college, that is, ACEIT had become an entrepreneur at a very early age. Puneet Jain has done business across various sectors like Pharmaceuticals, Real-State, and Textiles. Punit`s fascination with technology led him to launch IncubateInd for young engineers. In addition, he believes that the largest problem of the state and the entire country can be solved only by using technology in a correct manner. However, the exposure of handling and executing large college events had seeded the idea of incubating, which is going to become India’s Premiere Hackathon Company.

Get the help through the Speed control system

Students of Arya Engineering College has prepared a device during the college project that prevents the accident from the fast-speed vehicle coming from different sides of the road. The “intelligent speed control system” mainly design for automatic cars. The system mainly prepared by Shubham Kapoor, Neha Pareek, Arpit Vijay, Adil Hussain, and Bharat Sharma. However, they got the idea from the accident video of a family. However, the electronic sensor and micro-controllers will sense the sudden activity in the middle of the road in the form of human, animal or vehicle and stop automatically up to 4-10 meters away from the object. The system can be installed within 15-20 thousand in the automatic cars. Therefore, this technology is cost-effective.

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