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How Arya College has adopted the technology for better?

Make efficient use of technology at the campus

Technology continues to shape our lifestyle and choices. Similarly, educational institutions have absorbed new technology efficiently to enable the development of students. The Best engineering colleges in Jaipur like Arya College has a 45-acre sprawling campus also demonstrates an innovative environment and tech-savvy facilities to engage students. It enables them to stand out from the competition. Under mentioned are certain steps that enable the development of students by adopting technology, some of them are:

Social Media Reach

With an aim to promote their events on social media, Arya Engineering College uses social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to share news about any development happening at the campus. Enabling two-way dialogue between educators, students, prospective students, and the institution. The college provides a glimpse into significant work happening on campus while leveraging social media as a medium of communication.

Learning Tools

Arya College of Engineering and IT with its advanced facilities nurture opportunities and promote a culture of experimentation, discovery, and entrepreneurship. With a focus on student-centered learning methods, the experienced faculty members emphasize project-based learning and experiential learning. However, to accommodate active learning, different departments at Arya 1st Old Campus organize seminars, workshops, technical events wherein students learn about recent trends and interact with industry experts.

Classrooms and Laboratories

Top engineering colleges in Jaipur boasts its state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes spacious, well-ventilated gallery classrooms. It provides an ideal environment conducive for focused and dynamic discussions. These IT-enable classrooms help them to enhance their knowledge in respective fields. However, they augment with advanced teaching aids (audio-visual) for presentations, lectures, etc. The well-equipped laboratories at top engineering colleges with the latest equipment and gadgets enable practical learning for students. Thus, it prepares them for the professional world.

Library and Information Center (ICT)

With an aim to facilitate dissemination of knowledge, the Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan has around 100,000 books in the library. However, it comes in print and e-book format across many disciplines. The wi-fi enabled library with a large seating capacity provides an ideal learning and research environment for students. Similarly, the Information Center (ICT) Block located at Best B Tech College in Jaipur has around 150 computers with the broadband facility. It aims to inspire students to research, explore, collaborate and create using digital content.

Security Service System

In order to make the campus secure and safe for students, ACEIT offers Security Service System at the campus to the students. Implemented for the first time in an educational institution, the integrated security system is a fully automated technology. It is operated through a user-friendly mobile app, the security system will enable the visitors to make appointments while managing the attendance of the staff members.

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