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How academic research is driving innovation and growth

Academia and industry-advancing science and technology together

Most academic research closely identifies a niche and ‘enterprises’ that seem to belong outside this circle. Researches done at academic institutions across the world prove beneficial for science, economy, industry and several other fields. It influences new discoveries and innovations in these disciplines, which has greatly transformed the world and how we live.

Today, businesses implement e-Learning to improve the efficiency and productivity of the students of Top Engineering Colleges or institutions. Studies show that e-Learning reduces the learning time by at least 25 to 60 percent when compared to traditional learning.

But the acceptance of academic research among enterprises has been low. This is because of underutilization. Out of the thousands of research papers and dissertations produced, only very few contribute actual value to an enterprise. However, the accumulation of academic research must drive productivity, innovation, and growth in an entrepreneurial environment.

How academic research drive growth?

Different research papers introduce the subject regarding the value of collegiate research in facilitating innovation and growth. However, it is observed that academic research has an intelligent influence in driving innovation and growth.

The revenues generated by enterprises contribute to a major part of economic development. Besides, they promote the creation of more jobs for the Campus Placement drive in Jaipur, which improves the per capita income and the GDP of a country. However, it drives higher productivity, quality, and innovation in the products and services offered by an organization.

Currently, enterprises have started understanding the scope of using collegiate research. More organizations now tend to rely on careful research for all sorts of purposes ranging from product development to customer behavior assessment. And this calls for new cooperation between enterprises and universities to share information for the betterment of both parties.

The synergy between university and enterprise

Universities across the world are leading collegiate research. Every year, the research output from top universities and other major academic institutions is increasing. However, enterprises can leverage this huge potential in academic research by forming collaborations or tie-ups with universities. Such collaborations enable universities to share their resources comprising of research papers, dissertations, case studies, etc. with enterprises.

Mostly, the use of research can guide a business to make several improvements to its existing methodologies and processes. For instance, a company can utilize external academic research sources shared by a university to find better methods for renewing their existing internal research, development, production, and testing.

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