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Hostel facilities at Arya 1st Old Campus

A home away from home

A student living outside and willing to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate degree from the best engineering colleges in Jaipur have to take tough decision of leaving their homes. After all, the first thing comes to their mind is the accommodation through college hostels, as they are the most secure place to spend three or four years of the degree. Arya College also has the best Hostel facilities.

Contribution to the administration

The college administration is the branch of the college employees that supervise and maintains every task of the institution. Besides this, they handle various other responsibilities too. They have to control the construction and maintenance of the new building. Also, there are senior administrators who are academics and have an advanced degree that no longer teaches and conduct research actively.

In addition, they take care of the campus property; they are highly responsible for the security and safety of the students. Funds collected through the hostels and fundraisers. Further, they are used by the Engg Colleges in Jaipur for the development of the buildings.

Full-fledged hostel facilities

Best Engineering College in Kukas comprised of hostel facilities for both the male and female students. It establishes inside the campus. The hostel has safe lodging and boarding that caters the needs of outstation students. Students can use STD, ISD, reading room, computer room, etc in their vacant time. Qualified and efficient custodian monitors students.

In addition, the common computer center has internet facilities that recreate exclusively for the hostellers.

Well-furnished Convenient rooms

Best Private Engineering College maintains comfortable inmates. Students can get a hospitable environment to pursue their studies. The rooms have adequate furnishing and ventilation. We provide a separate box-bed with mattress, a chair and study table along with the wardrobe to each and every student. However, the designs of rooms are like an apartment with the additional facility of the washroom.

Dining with hygiene

B Tech College in Jaipur offers a beneficial atmosphere to the students with distinguished mentors, state-of-the-art facilities and pleasant educational environment. All the hostels at the campus have dining halls and kitchen to cook and serve food in hygienic and clean conditions. Therefore, the mess wardens ensure pest-free surroundings. Also, they utilize pest control services of a professional agency like PCI.

Students can get purified warm and cold water. In consultation with the students, a weekly menu gets prepared. The messing committee provides nutritious and a variety of food to the students. Special meals are given on festival days.


In conclusion, for the students living outside their homes at the hostels of the college campus, Arya College of Engineering and IT has maintained other facilities as well. For instance, medical facilities, gymnasium, Wi-Fi, open-air amphitheater, sports, indoor and outdoor games, DJ party and the most importantly a hostel day.

Hostel Day is the annual function of the hostellers where they can enjoy and refreshes the memories of the entire year with the cultural and fun fest.

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