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Free IT management tools for Engineering graduates

Important tools to get you through your MBA

For almost everything, there is an alternative way of doing things. No matter whether you share documents and images, manage e-mails or even update your Facebook and Twitter. For small business owners, these improvements are not simply a matter of convenience. Instead, they are the means to save money, to market their services and retain customers.

The implementation of its core competencies is an important factor in business success and business marketing. There are hundreds of free IT management tools that can greatly impact your business. Here are some of the best tools for IT management for entrepreneurs.


WEBCON Business Process Suite is a complete solution for Microsoft SharePoint to effectively manage documents and business processes in your company. However, the platform allows students of Top Engineering Colleges to create almost any business application they think of. The Express version is completely free of charge and without a time limit. Quick delivery, instant change, user adoption, and scalability can distinguish this system from other available solutions for Microsoft SharePoint.


Buffer is a social media management tool that will help students of B Tech Colleges can improve their social accounting efforts. An individual must know how powerful social media can be used for their marketing initiatives. This type of tool like buffer will help increase your followers, involve your audience and build your brand.

It allows the user to connect to more than one account in the instrument panel. However, an individual can also schedule messages, create a drip campaign and analyze the performance of their messages.


For the purpose of business marketing, an organization is essential. However, ideas can come to people at any time of the day. If students of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur can organize and prioritize their notes, they can take benefits of opportunities.


E-mail marketing is essential to the success of most companies. While building a brand on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are important; users are limited to the boundaries of these channels. However, this makes it particularly difficult to move customers through the funnel and provides relatively little control.

However, e-mail offers a more intimate interaction between the brand and the consumer. It provides the tools to effectively manage the consolidation of potential customers. In addition, MailChimp is a great free tool for email marketing and one of the easiest for beginners to learn.


Rapportive is one of the most powerful tools that highly recommend free digital marketing. The tool connects to your Gmail account. However, it will allow the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to find almost any e-mail address. There are tools and resources to it.

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