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Engineering classroom learning patterns – How students are expected to behave?

Classroom Learning Patterns at Engineering Colleges

In order to continue the improvement for the educational experience for students, the Top BTech Colleges in Jaipur are finding their ways to increase the engagement of the students by adopting new teaching formats as alternatives to the traditional lecture. Now, it is important to analyze the new learning formats, student’s expectations, and success guarantees.

What is Active Learning?

Most of the students of top engineering colleges are familiar to the format of the classroom’s lectures. A professor presents materials using a chalkboard or presentation slides and students take notes. Students perform problem sets as homework. Later throughout the course, they assessed using exams.

The active learning approach allows students to learn the course materials through reading or recorded lectures have done as homework. In addition, the time in the BTech classroom have used for the application of the theory learned as preparation for the active learning classroom.

A typical classroom session with active learning consists of one or two topics or different modules of active learning. In each module, the professor will assign to the class something. For instance, a problem related to the topic material can be covered as homework. The class will be decomposed into small groups with a size of 3-6 students. Each group will formulate a different solution to the assigned problem by discussing amongst themselves appropriate approaches.

Instead of lecturing, the instructor will rotate through the classroom by discussing solution approaches with each group. At the end of an analysis period, the instructor will call on each group to describe them the results of their work. Results has compared and showed. Also, insights to the problem solving have discovered and shared with the entire class. This process repeats with variations and recap at the conclusion of the BTech classroom session.

Benefits of active learning

There are several benefits of active learning formats including:

Students of Best Engineering College in Jaipur become engaged in the learning process and application of concepts. Also, they must be aware and present in the classroom rather than as scribes of lecture material.

Students receive more individual attention as the time of the professor is spent interacting with small groups and with individual students in instruction tailored to their needs. These instructions can be done to the level of individuals instead of to the average level of the whole class.

There is evidence that this teaching paradigm leads to better knowledge retention and generally it is more fun.

Tips for active learning

The professor will provide the rules for the classroom experience at the beginning of the BTech courses, but students can take steps to participate effectively and get the most out of the opportunity.

1. Prepared well for class

A student must perform the required reading or review of recorded lectures to properly understand their course.

2. Facilitate your group

When your group have assigned a problem, everyone must identify a note-taker, a discussion leader, and contributors. Also, they should rotate roles for each active learning unit.

3. Get involved

When your group is assigned a problem at the classroom of best engineering college, you must be engaged and contribute to the problem solutions. The combined effort of the group seems greater than the individual parts.

4. Ask for help

If anything is unclear, you must get a help. In the active learning formats, the instructor will expect to work directly.

5. Speak up

If you are a group presenter, sometimes it can be difficult for you. But you will get the opportunity to be recognized by the instructor and by the class.

6. Enjoy it

Active learning is not difficult and formal like students usually find in their lecture. It is effective and social to participate in a small group with your peers. Also, it will provide you an opportunity to make learning much more satisfying.

The best engineering college in Rajasthan strives to realize the most effective way to educate their students. Active learning is a new approach. It has aligned with achieving these goals. Also, considered as an initiative to educate the next generation of Engineers.

In the 20th century, engineering is behind many of the great achievements and makes future prosperity and well-being possible. This collection of activities, lessons, and web resources aim to help educators, students, and their families to learn more about engineering courses.

Online Resources for engineering classrooms


This website provides engaging quizzes, animated videos, and other activities to complement the curriculum of engineering through teachers, students, and their parents.


It offers a growing number of videos, hands-on activities, and other resources that volunteers, parents, and students can use to explore engineering. Also, the site introduces different national engineering outreach programs.

eGFI (Engineering Go For It)

This website offers information about various engineering careers for the students of private engineering colleges in Jaipur and how to pursue them, including profiles of engineering professionals and students. Also, teachers can find lesson plans, hands-on activities along with professional development opportunities.


The website has designed by the National Academy of Engineering. The informative site celebrates women in engineering and allows girls to explore the functions of engineers. Also, it offers resources to parents, mentors, and teachers.

Engineering Elementary

A research-based, classroom-tested, and standards-driven curriculum integrates different concepts of engineering and technology with elementary science topics.

Fab Fems

It provides access to women role models from a range of technology, science, engineering, and mathematics or STEM professions. The web portal provides an interface for role models to register and creates a searchable database for individuals who are looking for a female STEM role model.

National Informal STEM Education Network

The website provides information about exhibits, camps, and public events about nanotechnology along with the lesson plans, activity kits, and professional development opportunities.

National Center for Technological Literacy

The National Center for Technological Literacy provides a vast amount of information for educators on professional development, workshops, and curricula for grades K-12.

NBC Learn

NBC Learn offers free short videos and companion lesson plans and BTech classroom activities. Concepts in engineering and science connected to topics kids care about. It ranges from sports to sustainability to the latest in high tech.

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