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Engineering Admissions 2020 at Top BTech College

Engineering Admissions 2020

In India, if career choice is a question, Engineering Admissions 2020 is the right choice. This advent has been ever-present. People are showing great interest in engineering admissions and made it a tradition. The reality of engineering admissions has changed dramatically. While seats in the top engineering colleges have increased only slightly, the numbers of aspirants pursuing engineering admissions have been increasing exponentially every year.

This has caused many aspirants to turn to Private Engineering Colleges and universities for engineering admissions. This has changed engineering admissions 2020 completely. In the early days, best engineering colleges could churn out industry-grade engineers; the situation now has a majority of graduating engineers coming from Top Private Engineering Colleges. Even though some colleges found lacking both in quality faculty and infrastructure. But today many aspirants are ready to compromise for the sake of getting engineering admissions.

Due to a lack of oversight of the engineering admissions procedure of these framed colleges, many below-par engineers being produced every year in India. The number of students making this compromise of pursuing substandard BTech Admissions every year is increasing at a fast pace. If regulatory bodies leave the flow of sub-par engineers, the only the problem can be stopped.

Changes in the examination for admissions

The announcement of a common joint Entrance Exam for Engineering Admissions every year has caught aspirants and colleges. It has introduced to create a common ground for aspirants and bring transparency to the engineering admissions process. Many private engineering colleges in Rajasthan conduct their own engineering admissions entrance exams. Also, charge outrageous capitation fee for Admission in Top BTech Colleges based on the private admission test

These practices will end if the common engineering admissions entrance exam is implemented correctly. While deemed universities or colleges allowed to conduct their separate entrance examination. And other private Engineering colleges will have to accept JEE Mains Scores as the criteria for engineering admissions.

Engineering admissions will be based purely on an expedition called JEE Advanced. The IITs have always been hostile when it comes to engineering admissions and have rejected all advances by the government to accept JEE Mains as a parameter. Only the students finishing amongst the top 20% of JEE Mains would be given the privilege of sitting for JEE Advanced.

Entrance Exams for Admissions

Engineering admissions to most of the top engineering colleges in India are completely based upon a candidate’s performance in a given standardized engineering admissions entrance exam. Most colleges in India will have to accept JEE Mains 2020 scores for engineering admissions. Also, there are a number of other deemed universities who will be conducting their own entrance exams. If students have confusion in regards to engineering admissions entrance exams, under given is a list of some important exams which will help them to make their career successful.

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains

JEE Mains is also known as AIEEE earlier. It is conducted every year by CBSE for engineering admissions to the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and other government-funded institutes.

JEE Mains was expected earlier this year by the HRD ministry as a common engineering admissions entrance exam for all colleges in India. This has only lent more weight to the already ‘make-or-break’ exam for many aspirants across the nation. While board exam scores have also been a factor for engineering admissions to top engineering colleges, the government has lifted all such guidelines. Only JEE Mains scores will be considered for engineering admissions to nearly all colleges in India in the coming years. Also, the official date for the JEE Mains registration process along with all the important dates related to this exam will be declared on the main website.

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced

Earlier, the top engineering college in India conducted JEE as the entrance exam for engineering admissions. However, with the advent of time, it has changed the course of BTech Admissions in India with AIEEE becoming JEE Mains and IIT-JEE becoming JEE Advanced.

Even with JEE Mains had become the common entrance exam in the last few years; the IITs will continue to conduct JEE Advanced for engineering admissions to the IITs. Although the peculiar and borderline superior attitude towards advice from the government has long been criticized by the top BTech College, an individual cannot help but conclude that this hostility has made them nearly untouchable in a country full of mismanaged government setups.

Coming to the engineering admissions process, the registration process for JEE Advanced begins after the declaration of JEE Mains results. JEE Advanced 2020 will be conducted soon. Follow suit with the examinations of top MBA Colleges, the body dictating policy regarding engineering admissions in IITs, has decided to conduct the exam only in online mode.

Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Admission Test (BITSAT)

BITSAT conducted every year by BITS for engineering admissions to various undergraduate courses. Unlike many other engineering colleges in India, BITS offers B.E admission courses instead of the nationally known BTech courses.

BITSAT has long been conducted only in a computer-based format. The efficiency of instant result generation has also been hailed by students of engineering colleges in India as a step in the right direction. The registration for the BITSAT examination usually begins during the turn of the year. Also, the registration fee is different for both the female and male candidates in the top engineering college of India.

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