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Arya College Cousellor Arun Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

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Arun College Cousellor Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Develop your skills for college placement

Grab your places for the future

After completing college, there is the only thing on students' mind that is job placement, so we are providing you important, 10 tips to get college placement after engineering that will surely help you with many variants.

Improve your Soft Skills

Soft skills include your communication skills, body language, and gestures. The way you interact with has a huge impact on people. If you are good at communicating your thoughts with a proper body language, your chances of getting selected at Highest Placement College in Jaipur increases significantly. People are looking for employees who are good at communicating and are team players.

Make Proper Resume

A resume is the first indirect interaction of you with the employer. Do your homework and Google relevant information about the company you are applying for. If the company is hi-tech, you can make a video resume.

Manage your Social Media profiles

Recruiters tend to snoop into your social media profiles for getting admissions from Best Placement College in Jaipur to get an idea about you like what kind of person you are, what content you are sharing and most importantly, how much time you are devoting on social networking service. So when you post pictures like in a pub or a bar, moderate the viewership. Change your privacy settings from public to custom so that only people you won't get access to a particular post. This way, your social media profile will look professional to the companies that snoop around.

Apply to relevant companies

Don't apply to every other company you come across. As mentioned earlier, maintain a list of probable companies and apply to those selected companies only. Don't randomly change your job profile. Instead, have a set vision on what you want to achieve in career and how to make progress. You cannot perform each and everything at once. Don't try to excel at everything, instead, be a specialist for a particular job with Arya College of Engineering and IT. Arya is one of the best engineering colleges in Jaipur.

Think like an Entrepreneur

Always tend to think out of the box for Best Placement College. Learn how things function, how companies work. Try to understand what your colleagues are doing. This will help you learn how the company is functioning and in result will give you an idea of how you should modify your style of working. Promote your newly found business communication and understanding via a blog on a topic you find interesting. Share it on your social media and request people to read it.

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