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Career Opportunities in Electrical Engineering

Job Opportunities in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering students are mainly engaged in the malfunctioning unit. Therefore, there are many career opportunities in the public and private sectors for electrical engineering students. Some of the sectors are power corporations, large-scale industries, hydroelectricity sectors, etc. Today, we at Arya College Jaipur to discuss that what other options are there in electrical engineering.

Public Sectors

There are many public sectors job in the public sector like Consultancy or Finance jobs. In addition, there are also some civil Services like UPSC and IAS. Some bank jobs are IBPS PO, SBI PO etc.

PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings)

There are many jobs which PSU gives to electrical engineering students. However, some of the jobs are National Thermal Power Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Gas Authority of India, Indian Oil Corporation, Heavy Engineering Corporation, National Fertilizers Limited and many more.

Government Organizations

The government organizations provide jobs to electrical engineers. However, some organization are Bharat Dynamics, Coal India, Indian Railways, Defense Research, and Development Organization (DRDO), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), etc

Industries for Electrical Engineers

Other than PSUs and Government organizations, there are many industries, which provide jobs for electrical engineering students. These industries are Electronics, Power Generation, Oil and gas, Pharmaceutical, Railways, Aerospace, Automotive, and many other utilities.

Private Sector

It is not important that each one of us will get a job in the public sector. Therefore, there are many leading private companies, which provide jobs to these engineers. The graduates from this field can get jobs in various IT and electrical engineering field. On the other hand, some leading private companies are Larsen & Toubro, Bajaj Electricals, Tata Motors, HBL Power Systems, etc.

Teaching as a Profession

Other than working in public and private companies, a graduate can opt for the teaching field. Many graduates are passionate about academics. Hence, they go for teaching as a profession. The teachers are serving for the society. Moreover, they are nurturing the future engineers for a better tomorrow.

Engineering Jobs

There are some jobs, which are precisely for electrical engineering students only. Some of these jobs are:

Hardware Engineering: The major functioning of electrical engineers are designing, hardware manufacturing, research, and analysis, the functioning of computer systems, etc. Therefore, this job includes various electric components like memory devices, routers, circuits and many more.

Project Engineering: Project engineers play a major role in electrical projects. The functioning of electrical engineers in these projects is to maintain, coordinate, and integrate the work in the project.

Electrical Engineering: The electrical engineers are the masters of this field as this is the domain of their own. Moreover, the electrical engineers fundamentally work for the designing and maintaining the electrical systems used in the companies or large- scale industries.

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