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Benefits of smart phones at top engineering colleges

Use of Smart Phones in the Classroom of Top Engineering Colleges

Devices in the classroom of Top Engineering Colleges can enhance student engagement. It makes teacher and student communication simpler, develops student collaboration, and create opportunities for active learning. Smart phones can help an individual academically by scheduling study times and viewing lectures and lessons. They are a very useful learning tool but on the other hand, it can cause the biggest distraction.

Smart phones are distracting to everyone because they are fun. They are always filled with new challenges, new content, and new thing to involve with, whether you are browsing the web, playing a game or texting. These are distractions from learning but they also provide lots of learning strategies and opportunities to catch students’ attention. Mobile devices enable students of the best engineering colleges in Rajasthan to keep them motivated and get them excited about working together. It permits them to provide each other with immediate feedback on their performance in the course. With this, you can improve your GPA by giving access to schedules and study groups, note-taking applications, and academic resources.

Study aids and schedules

Scheduling is one of the best features of Smartphone. There are many ways where it can be applied to help you succeed in a college career. Just using your mobile’s standard calendar, students of engineering colleges Rajasthan can set their study schedule. Other apps can help them to make to-do lists and establish study times while exam countdown retains track of exam dates. Also, the standard reminder app is very helpful if an individual wants to study later; they can set a location-based alert for when they arrive at home.

Access to study groups

Some students of engineering colleges in Jaipur think that study in groups can be a more effective approach, as it helps them clarify ideas and give new approaches and learn new study skills. But their phone is also a good source and an excellent way to connect with a study group. One of the big problems in having group studying is finding convenient times to meet. The use of a smart phone enables them to get together without ever leaving the house.


Taking notes is the best way to use your phone in the classroom of the list of engineering colleges in Rajasthan. There is an app to support you, no matter whether you take long-form notes or just like to jot down ideas. Digital notes can be achieved, organized, and shared with classmates and friends. An individual should also add audio recordings to other notes.

Access to academic resources

Portability is the best features of a Smartphone. So once you learn how it can help you study; it can then help you in studying anywhere. Providing a virtual management classroom used to be reserved for an online course, but that is not only the matter. Many engineering colleges must provide virtual classroom space on-campus courses that allow you to review the syllabus and lectures and notes, through your phone. Canvas and Blackboard are the most popular platforms to offer student apps for easier access. To connect with the college's services, students can also use their mobile phones. While phones and another mobile tech will always be a distraction for students, they can find different ways to turn that distraction into learning.

Smartphone-Based Teaching Tools

There are certain apps that can be a great way to start using smart phones in your course. Most of them are free to use and Learning Technologies can help students of BTech colleges in Rajasthan to learn how to set them up and start using them in their course.


For quick in-class polling, students of BTech colleges in Jaipur can hardly beat the ease of Kahoot. Simply set up a game or quiz, provide students the pin, so that they can quickly respond to your questions on their mobile device. The catchy music does not hurt either.


While more geared towards K-12, Socrative can still sometimes be a helpful tool for the higher ed-classroom of engineering college. An individual must sign up for a free account to try out the quiz, quick questions or space race features and learn how the program provides feedback on student performance.


This popular app enables the candidates to quickly send messages to their students on their phones without disclosing any phone numbers, keeping them up-to-date with significant information, or just a few nudges to remind them when assignments are due.


Group work can be done anywhere, anytime using this app. It may be more useful for online students of the best engineering colleges than those in the classroom. Use Celly to send a text message and one can create a cell, within which students can share ideas, work on a project, and upload files.


Nobody can deny the fact that smart phones have helped students to enhance their knowledge and also helped them to improve their learning skills. Students are no more restricted to the college campus. The scope and sphere of learning have become vast with the inclusion of mobile technology in the modern-day learning methodologies.

Lots of students have been able to overcome their language barriers and other learning difficulties via this technology. It has made the process of learning interesting, fun, and engaging. Also, it has allowed students of Top BTech Colleges to learn as per convenience at their own pace. Mobile technology has also made it convenient for teachers to share learning materials with students using QR codes, emails, and video tutorials.

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