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Artificial intelligence and robotics course at Best Engineering College in Jaipur

Top BTech Courses - Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The idea of combining artificial intelligence with robotics is no longer to make science fiction movies or books. It is a reality that institutes, governments, and organizations are investing money in developing technology about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Also, one of the major areas of investment that organizations have taken up about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the education sector. So, Best Engineering College in Jaipur is investing in developing and educating young minds about AI and robotics. India is investing in the area and institutes are developing a curriculum for youngsters to get a degree in BTech in Artificial Intelligence.

India has got into the field of offering a proper degree course in AI and robotics for the students. Who wish to pursue a career in this lucrative field. With this technology-driven era, top engineering colleges in India are now introducing courses for students to graduate as BTech in Artificial Intelligence. AI first full-fledged BTech program in Artificial Intelligence offered by private engineering colleges. But the competition will be tough. The selection for AI will be done based on the score. That the students who appear for the JEE Advanced entrance examination. BTech in AI is a skill-oriented program that mainly aims to prepare students for new-age careers.

What is BTech AI & Machine Learning?

This 4-year undergraduate course of Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in AI and Machine Learning. Designed to make the professional technically sound in advanced learning systems. They are based on an algorithm of Artificial Intelligence. This program develops the basic skills of creating the fastest working apps or solutions integrated with analytical information ensuring 100% accuracy in the output.

Salient scope of AI

This specialization covers neural networks, statistics, and deep learning, computer vision systems, and intelligent mechatronics. Which enables the creation of sophisticated systems. Which are capable of fulfilling useful physical tasks that can be applied to many industries.

Salient features

Data Analytics AI and machine learning help in mechatronic systems to understand physical and logistical data patterns to be proactive and act accordingly. Mechatronic systems that interact with the environment using AI and machine learning help students of top engineering colleges in Rajasthan adaptively with an object.

Motion Control machine learning helps mechatronic systems with a dynamic interaction and obstacle avoidance to maintain productivity.

Career opportunities

It is an emerging field and presents flexible opportunities with various engineering backgrounds. Some of the prospects of Artificial Intelligence include AI data analysis, Machine learning applications in the manufacturing industry, Service Robotics, Industrial Automation, Condition monitoring, Modeling and simulation of advanced automation systems, Virtual reality, or more.

There are Top BTech Colleges in India to offer Artificial Intelligence. However, seven colleges in India cater solely to BTech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These colleges offer courses like Machine Learning, Artificial Learning, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, etc. All of these given courses comprise the latest developments in the technological sector. Most of the institutes are making these subjects a part of their curriculum.

The Best BTech Colleges in India mainly focus on these subjects. As they aim at imparting their students with all the recent updates in the technical sphere. The demand for machine learning and artificial intelligence is reaching new heights. Also, the job sector is inviting more and more individuals with learning, knowledge, and training in these subjects. These top engineering colleges in India pay special attention to their students. Also, provide them the overall knowledge and training.

AI Course

The course despite catering to Artificial Intelligence will also make focus on robotics. Thus, making it a BTech in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Also, the curriculum will educate the students on an algorithm, signal processing as well as application verticals like smart mobility, healthcare, agriculture, and so on. Furthermore, emphasis will be given on the ethical impact and application of AI and Robotics. The course has been envisioned to develop young minds to become leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence involves all those things, in which students of btech colleges in Jaipur can make their computers do the job, that human does. The purpose is to create a copy of natural intelligence to solve complex real-world problems. However, Machine Learning is making a machine learn on its own without being performing its programming. So, It is an application of AI that provides the system with the ability to automatically learn and advance from experience. Research has been conducted by the students of engineering colleges. Which shows that the customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human by 2020.

Currently, very few Universities or colleges including Arya college of Engineering and IT worldwide offers BTech in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Though some several universities and institutes offer either AI an elective or part of another degree BSc degree course or as a BTech degree. Also, Most institutes offer MSc or MTech in Artificial Intelligence.


Therefore, the opportunity to get trained in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics as a BTech student remarkable. But the chance to get into the right institute is going to be an uphill battle for the students. So, top Institutes/universities are offering BTech with Artificial Intelligence and BTech Artificial Intelligence in Robotics with 100% job assurance along with a strong academic curriculum which makes them industry-ready.

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