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Applications of digital image processing for students of B Tech Colleges

A guide to digital image processing technology

In digital image processing, an image is studied by using various ways by the students of B Tech Colleges. It helps them converting an image into digital form so that they can perform some operations on it. It helps in enhancing an image or to extract useful information from it. Basically, it includes the input in the form of image, photograph, and output in the form of an image or traits associated with that image. Usually, this system treats an image as a two-dimensional signal and allows students of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur to apply already set signal processing methods for it.

Steps in an Image processing system

  1. Importing an image using an optical scanner or by digital photography
  2. Analyzing and manipulating the image mainly includes data image enhancement and compression. It also spots some patterns that are not visible to human eyes like satellite photographs.
  3. The output is the last stage in which result can be a changed image or report that is based on image analysis.

The purpose of image processing in groups

  1. Visualization – Here the objects are observed that are not viable.
  2. Image sharpening and restoration – It helps in creating a better image
  3. Image retrieval – Obtain for the image of interest
  4. Measurement of pattern – It measures various different objects in an image
  5. Image recognition – Distinguishes the objects in an image

Students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur can widely use digital image processing under certain fields. However, it includes image sharpening and restoration, medical field, remote sensing, transmission encoding, color processing, pattern recognition, microscopic imaging, video processing, machine/robot vision.

How image processing will make a change in the future?

The DaVinci system of the medical robots allows doctors to remotely perform delicate diagnoses and surgeries by “seeing” extremely high-quality 3-D images of what they could not have seen otherwise. Social x-ray glasses develops by the professionals of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. It helps those suffering from autism decipher body language. Inbuilt grain-sized cameras capture images of faces and use software to analyze and compare the various facial expressions. It includes anger, confusion, agreement, etc. with the known expressions in a database.

The recognized information is then relayed to users of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur through attached headphones. Human beings process visual information accurately and faster than text. A picture, after all, can speak a thousand words. Image processing will move the world, just how the text search did last decade.

Introducing new technology in image processing

Using object recognition, imagistic has come up with a unique visual search engine for complicated industrial products. However, they are hard to describe in words to connect buyers and sellers in the industrial workforce. Image processing is a filed wherein job opportunities are mushrooming rapidly for the graduates of B Tech College in Jaipur and a field mainly for research-oriented work to be taken.

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